What to Pack for Disneyland in July: Essential List

Are you scrambling to figure out what to pack for Disneyland in July? Don’t worry! With this comprehensive list you’ll know exactly what to bring to make the most of your Disneyland vacation!

Quick Summary

  Essential Packing List for Disneyland in July: What to Bring

Heading to Disneyland in July? Make sure you’re prepared with all the essentials. Before you head out, you’ll want to pack:

  • Hat and sunglasses to protect you from the summer sun.
  • Sunscreen to prevent sunburns and skin irritation.
  • Light jacket or sweater, as nighttime temperatures can be cool.
  • Comfortable walking shoes. You’ll be doing a lot of walking!
  • Hand sanitizer or hand wipes.
  • Band-aids and other first-aid supplies/medications.
  • Snacks and beverages.
  • An extra set of clothing for each person in case of unexpected spills.
  • Backpack or tote bag to store all these items and more.

These items will help make your Disneyland visit more comfortable and enjoyable. Be sure to check the park website for additional guidelines and tips.

Essential Packing List for Disneyland in July: What to Bring

Heading to Disneyland in July? Don’t feel lost with all the packing lists online. We’ve created a packing list for your family’s Disneyland vacation in July that covers all the essentials, from sunscreen to snacks.


In July, the temperatures will be high and the sunshine strong. So when prepping your wardrobe for Disneyland, aim for breathable and lightweight items.

  • Lightweight shirts and shorts
  • Sandals
  • One light jacket or sweater, in case the nighttime temperatures drop
  • Hat and sunglasses
  • Swimwear


Disneyland isn’t a place for heels – expect to do a lot of walking. Packing tennis shoes, sandals, and flip-flops are recommended, plus a few pairs of socks for comfort. If you’re staying in the park for more than a day, consider packing two pairs of shoes.

Accessories and Extras

  • Sunglasses & hat
  • Sunscreen
  • Backpack or **** pack for carrying your essentials
  • Umbrella or poncho, just in case you get caught in an unexpected rainstorm while in the park
  • Portable charger to keep your phone alive throughout the day


  • Wallet
  • Documents (tickets, IDs, passport, health insurance cards, etc.)
  • Snacks
  • Reusable Water Bottle
  • First Aid Kit
  • Camera and/or cell phone
  • Any medications you may need

Personal Experience

What should I wear to Disneyland in July?

Summertime in Disneyland can be a magical experience, so make sure you’re sufficiently prepared! Packing for a hot day in the theme park should focus on items that provide flexibility and breathability. A lightweight linen dress or a flowy playsuit for women is perfect for navigating the hustle and bustle of the park and keeping you cool. For men, pack a light cotton short-sleeved shirt and shorts. Footwear should be comfortable, with sandals, canvas sneakers, and thong flip-flops all great options. Don’t forget your hat and sunglasses to add style, and of course, you’ll need your sunscreen to protect your skin from the scorching sun.

Proper hydration will ensure you don’t pass out in the California heat, so make sure to bring your favorite reusable water bottle along. When it comes to accessories, bring a cross body bag that you can fit all your necessities in- like lip balm, a phone charger, and a small business pouch with your cards and cash.

Once you’re all set for your big day at the park, enjoy the rides, the sights, and the once-in-a-lifetime experiences that lie ahead. No matter which classic experiences you choose to partake in, you’ll have a blast. And you won’t have to worry about lugging around an uncomfortable bag- because you’ll have everything you need!

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I wear to Disneyland in July?

For July, Disneyland weather can be quite hot so it is important to wear comfortable, cool clothing. Shorts, tanks, and light-weight dresses are a great choice for keeping cool. A hat and sunglasses are also recommended for further protection from the sun.

What is the most frequently asked question at Disneyland?

The most frequently asked question at Disneyland is “When is the best time to visit Disneyland?”. The answer to this question depends on many factors, including the type of experience desired, the ages of visitors, the time of year, and budget. Generally speaking, the most popular times to visit Disneyland are spring and summer as the park offers longer operating hours and more attractions. However, off-peak periods may offer more value-for-money and quieter conditions.

What should you not forget at Disneyland?

You should never forget important items such as comfortable shoes, sunglasses, and a hat, sunscreen, and a digital camera to capture your magical moments while at Disneyland. Additionally, make sure you bring a refillable water bottle to stay hydrated and a light jacket or sweater in case the temperature drops. Lastly, don’t forget all your necessary tickets, IDs, and other forms of payment for the attractions.

What should someone bring to Disneyland?

When visiting Disneyland, it is important to pack appropriately. Essential items to bring include tickets, a lanyard or bag for storing tickets, snacks, bottled water, sunscreen, rain clothes, comfy shoes, a hat, and a camera. These items will ensure that visitors have an enjoyable experience during their trip to the theme park.

What do people wear at Disneyland in November?

During November, people visiting Disneyland generally wear comfortable clothing such as jeans or leggings, and a t-shirt. It’s important to bring a jacket or a light sweatshirt since temperatures can be cooler during this time of year. Finally, be sure to wear comfortable shoes that are suitable for walking long distances.

Is November a good month to go to Disneyland?

Yes, November is an excellent month to visit Disneyland. November brings perfect weather, low crowds, reasonable hotel prices and the resort’s exciting Christmas season festivities. With all of these factors combined, it’s no wonder that many people consider mid-November to be the ideal time of the year to visit Disneyland.

Is it cold at Disneyland in November?

No, it is not cold at Disneyland in November. The average high temperature is 70 degrees and the average low is 53 degrees, making it a pleasant time to visit. Rainy season also begins in California during November, so visitors should come prepared with an umbrella or raincoat.

Are backpacks allowed at Disneyland?

Yes, backpacks are allowed at Disneyland. However, they must adhere to the size restrictions set forth by the Disneyland Resort Rules, which are: no larger than 24” long by 15” wide by 18” high. Visitors bringing a backpack should be prepared to have it inspected by park security.

Can you bring a full water bottle into Disneyland?

Yes, you can bring a full water bottle into Disneyland. It is encouraged for guests to bring their own water to help avoid buying overpriced drinks in the park. You can also bring non-alcoholic drinks for yourself and your family!

Final Thoughts

Disneyland in July is sure to be hot and exciting! With the right essentials, you can make the most of your park experience and stay comfortable all day long. A hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen are all must-have items to keep you protected from the sun, while a light and airy outfit, swimsuit, and beach towel will ensure you’re ready for all of the fun the park has to offer. Additionally, don’t forget those important items like your wallet and camera to capture the magic of your time at Disneyland!