Train from Boston to Florida: Your Guide to Traveling by Rail

Reach Florida from Boston quickly, comfortably, and affordably with a train ride that takes less than a day! Traveling by train is the perfect way to experience the charm of America as you explore all the exciting sights and attractions Florida has to offer.

Quick Summary

  Train to Florida from Boston: Your Guide to Traveling by Rail

Boston to Florida by Train: Taking the train is the perfect way to travel between Boston and Florida. The ride is usually fast and comfortable and gives you a chance to enjoy the scenery as you go. Before you embark on this journey, however, there are some important things to know. Firstly, consider the length of the trip, the approximate distance between Boston and Florida is 1, 349 miles, which will take approximately 26 hours to complete. Secondly, select your preferred train line. Amtrak offers frequent service for most of the trip, however, for the last part of the journey – from Jacksonville, FL to Miami, FL, consider using Brightline Passenger Train. Thirdly, book your ticket. Prices may vary depending on the train line you select, with higher prices for more luxurious services, as well as for faster rides. Lastly, remember to bring your personal items such as books, music, food, and drinks. With the right planning and preparation, you can now enjoy a smooth and comfortable journey by train between Boston and Florida.

Train to Florida from Boston: Your Guide to Traveling by Rail

Traveling from Boston to Florida by rail can be both comfortable and exciting. With the right planning and knowledge, you can make your rail journey to Florida an adventure. In this article, we will provide you with practical tips and advice on how to travel to Florida by train.

Check Ticket Prices in Advance

The best way to get an affordable train ticket to Florida is to research in advance. Compare prices and opt for the cheapest option. Most rail companies will offer early bird discounts if you purchase the tickets at least three weeks in advance.

Pack Light

When traveling to Florida by rail, you will want to keep your luggage as light as possible. Make sure you have all necessary documents, such as passports, money, and reservation confirmation. Avoid carrying heavy items, pack only the essentials needed for your trip.

Travel During Off-Peak Times

It is always cheaper to travel during off-peak times. If you are traveling on a long journey, try to travel during the night hours, as this is when the journey can be cheaper. Additionally, the on-board facilities and services, such as WiFi and catering, are more likely to be available during off-peak times.

Know Your Routes

The key to planning a successful train journey to Florida is to know where you are going and the different routes that exist. Before booking, you should research the various routes to Florida and consider the different kinds of transport available, including Amtrak, CityLink, and other rail services. Once you have selected your routes, research the stops along the way and plan your trip accordingly.

Ensure Your Comfort During the Journey

Once you have chosen your train and booked your ticket, make sure you are comfortable during the journey. Pack snacks, wear comfortable clothes, and bring music and a good book to entertain yourself. Also, use the amenities and services aboard the train to make your journey as comfortable as possible.

Book Your Accommodation Ahead of Time

Make sure to book accommodation in advance to ensure your comfort and convenience. Many train companies also offer discounts or package deals on hotels, so it can pay off to book ahead of time.

Explore Florida by Train

Once in Florida, you can explore the area by train. Most of the major cities in Florida have train connections and offer discounted tickets for tourists. Take the opportunity to explore the attractions and visit beautiful places that can only be seen from the railway.


Traveling from Boston to Florida by train can be a great adventure. With the right planning and knowledge, you can make your train journey to Florida comfortable and exciting. Don’t forget to check ticket prices in advance, pack light, travel during off-peak times, know your routes, ensure your comfort during the journey and book your accommodation ahead of time. Finally, explore Florida by train and take the opportunity to visit beautiful places that can only be seen from the railway.

Personal Experience

Why do people take Amtrak instead of flying?

I recently took a train to Florida from Boston and it was an exciting ride. The scenery was breathtaking, lush forests and long stretches of golden sand beaches passing quickly by outside the windows of my cabin. I also got to know my fellow passengers as we talked, laughed and shared experiences over meals in the diner car. From Boston’s South Station, I boarded the Amtrak Silver and rode through the Northern states until I arrived in the Sunshine State. The journey took approximately 30 hours, so I was glad to have a private cabin and all the amenities that came with it.

I had a pleasant trip, made even more enjoyable by the cordial staff. The waiters, conductors and engineers were courteous and always willing to help. Taking a train to Florida from Boston lets you experience different aspects of the US; from the thick forests and cool mountain air of Pennsylvania to the warm balmy beaches of Florida. With time enough to look around and discover the country, and arriving at my destination relaxed and refreshed, I couldn’t ask for more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do people take Amtrak instead of flying?

People take Amtrak instead of flying for a variety of reasons. Amtrak allows for stress-free travel, with no turbulence, seat belt, or take-off and landing procedures. Additionally, train travel is often more cost-effective than flying, and has the added benefit of superior scenic views.

How much does it cost to take Amtrak from Boston to Florida?

Taking Amtrak from Boston to Florida typically costs between $156 and $346, depending on the route, seating option and availability. The average train trip duration is 1 day and 3 hours, making this an affordable and efficient transport solution. To get the lowest price, plan your trip in advance and book your ticket online.

How long does it take to take a train from Boston to Florida?

It takes approximately 27 hours and 54 minutes to take a train from Boston to Florida. This journey is the average and the absolute fastest journey time is 27 hours and 19 minutes. The total distance between these two cities is 1116 miles, or 1796 kilometers.

Can you bring food on Amtrak?

Yes, you can bring food on Amtrak. You can consume your own food and beverages at your seat or private Sleeping Car accommodations. Amtrak also offers food and beverage options for purchase on board.

Can you take Amtrak from Boston to Florida?

Yes, you can take Amtrak from Boston to Florida. Amtrak has regular services between cities along the Eastern seaboard, including Boston, MA and Orlando, FL. Amtrak Acela also offers high-speed service, allowing you to make the journey in as little as 10 hours and 10 minutes.

How long is Amtrak from Boston to Florida?

The quickest Amtrak train ride from Boston to Florida is 27 hours and 19 minutes. Traveling by train usually takes around 27 hours and 53 minutes. Amtrak has two daily trains from Boston to Orlando that can get you there quickly and comfortably.

Are round trips cheaper Amtrak?

Yes, round trips are cheaper on Amtrak. Generally, Amtrak offers discounted fares when booking a round-trip ticket compared to two separate one-way tickets. This discounted rate can provide a slight savings on your travel costs.

Is Amtrak cheaper then flying?

Yes, Amtrak train travel is usually cheaper than flying. Amtrak typically has lower upfront costs and no extra baggage fees, so travelers can bring more with them. Amtrak is also more convenient and relaxing than driving, providing a stress-free and cost-effective way to travel.

Final Thoughts

Traveling from Boston to Florida on a train is a unique and economical experience, ideal for those wanting a comfortable and stress-free journey. Each trip offers spectacular views of the landscape, making it ideal for sightseeing as well. With Amtrak, Grayhound, and Southeastern trains, riders have plenty of options to choose from and lots of helpful information to make the most of their trip. With plenty of time to relax and take in the sights, a train journey is the perfect way to start a Florida vacation.