Top 10 Things to Do in Cococay: A Fun-Filled Getaway!

Cococay is an idyllic island paradise, offering a plethora of things to do for both relaxation and adventure lovers alike. From lounging on white-sand beaches to kayaking through crystal-clear waters, Cococay is the perfect destination for your next getaway. Explore some of the exciting activities Cococay has to offer and start planning your dream vacation now!

Quick Summary

  Explore the Top 10 Things to Do in Cococay: A Fun Getaway!

Cococay, a private island owned by Royal Caribbean International, is an ideal destination for those seeking an unforgettable getaway. From family-friendly activities to thrilling water sports, there are plenty of things to do in Cococay. Here are the top 10 activities that will make your vacation more fun.

Relax Under the Sun – The best way to get your Cococay getaway started is by lying on the white-sand beach, with a cool drink in hand and the sound of waves caressing your eardrums. This is the perfect spot to watch the sun dip down into the sea and soak up some perfect Caribbean rays.

Charter a Private Boat – Enjoy a luxurious excursion out on the waves and take in the beauty of this paradise destination. Charter a dedicated boat for yourself or your group and explore the many hidden treasures of the Caribbean Sea.

Go on a Dolphin Encounter – Get up close and personal with some local dolphins. This once in a lifetime experience will leave you awestruck and will give you an unforgettable memory to take back from your trip.

Cook Up a Feast at the Beach – For something more intimate and rustic, a beach barbecue is a great idea. Light the fire and prepare a savory feast that your loved ones can enjoy while your feet are dipped in the warm ocean.

Play a Match of Sand Volleyball – For those looking to work up a sweat, a game of beach volleyball is just what the doctor prescribed. Play with beach-goers or organize a tournament among yourselves.

Zipline Through the Dunes – If you are the adventurous type, this is for you. Feel the rush of adrenaline as you soar through the air and take in the beautiful views of the Caribbean Sea.

Take a Fishing Trip at Sea – Another fun activity is going on a deep sea fishing trip. Use the sparkling surf as a backdrop and get your hands on some really big catches.

Explore the Ocean Depths – Put on an air tank and get ready to explore the beauty of the coral reef. Experience the colorful marine life up close and uncover the mysteries of the secret world beneath.

Dive into the Blue Lagoon – Looking for something more extreme? Take the plunge into a natural paradise with crystal clear waters and test your diving skills.

Party at the Nightclub – When the night falls, the party starts. Dance away the evening with your newfound friends or simply sit back, enjoy the music and take in the atmosphere.

Explore the Top 10 Things to Do in Cococay: A Fun Getaway!

Cococay, located in the Bahamas, is a destination that should be on the top of everyone’s vacation list. This stunning paradise island is full of exciting activities and breathtaking sights that will make any trip an unforgettable one. Here are the top 10 things to do in Cococay that will make your trip a whole lot of fun.

1. Visit the Native Bahamas Village

Learn about the unique native culture of the Bahamas by taking a visit to the Native Bahamas Village. Here you can find out more about the traditional lifestyle and purchase handmade arts, crafts, and gifts. You can also try local dishes, watch performing arts, and talk to the locals and get to know them.

2. Hike Mount Alvernia

Mount Alvernia, the highest point in the Bahamas, stands 63 meters above sea level. It offers a great hiking trail that will take you through a variety of landscapes and gives you a chance to take in all the beauty that Cococay has to offer. Make sure to bring water and snacks with you to fuel your journey.

3. Water Sports

Cococay is the perfect place for anyone who loves water sports. With so many activities to choose from, you are sure to find one that suits your needs. Whether it’s kayaking, snorkeling, sailing, or stand-up paddle boarding, you will have a memorable time here.

4. Visit Staniel Cay

Take a half day trip to the nearby island of Staniel Cay, located just a few miles away from Cococay. You can explore the crystal-clear waters, enjoy swimming and snorkeling, or even feed the friendly stingrays. You won’t get bored with all the activities that Staniel Cay has to offer.

5. Take a Boat Tour

A boat tour is a great way to get a different perspective of Cococay and its surroundings. Here you can admire the beautiful landscapes, take a dip in the Caribbean Sea and get to know more about the local wildlife and botany.

6. Go Fishing

Cococay is one of the best places to go fishing in the world. No matter if it’s deep sea fishing or just a cast from shore, be sure to have a great time making it as memorable as possible. You can hire a local guide to help you map out the best spots for an incredible fishing experience.

7. Explore the Island

Take one of the many island hopping tours and get to see the various attractions and sites on the island. You can spend some time exploring the beaches, going to the nearby islands, or even discovering the local villages. Make sure to take some photos to remember your trip.

8. Shop at the Local Markets

Head to the local markets of Cococay to find some souvenirs and goodies. Here you can buy handcrafted jewelry, native art, or even traditional Bahamian foods. Not only that, but it is also an opportunity to learn more about the culture of the island.

9. Visit Pirate’s Cove

Pirate’s Cove is a unique place located on the island with a pirate theme. Here you can find a variety of activities to do, like pirate-themed games, treasure hunts, and more. It is also a great place to take some unique photos.

10. Dine at a Local Restaurant

After a day of exploring and activities, head over to one of the many local restaurants the island has to offer. Enjoy a delicious meal, try some traditional dishes, and taste the flavors of the Caribbean.

  • Visit the Native Bahamas Village
  • Hike Mount Alvernia
  • Water Sports
  • Visit Staniel Cay
  • Take a Boat Tour
  • Go Fishing
  • Explore the Island
  • Shop at the Local Markets
  • Visit Pirate’s Cove
  • Dine at a Local Restaurant

With its variety of activities, breathtaking sights, and friendly locals, Cococay is a must-visit destination for anyone looking for an unforgettable vacation. From exploring the island to visiting Staniel Cay, there are endless things to do in Cococay. Plan your next trip to this beautiful island and make sure to check off all these things to do from your list!

Personal Experience

What should we do at CocoCay?

Cococay is a serene Bahamian island that offers a variety of activities and attractions. From spending time lounging in the sun on the sandy beaches to snorkeling around the reefs, you’ll find something fun to do on Cococay. I was recently lucky enough to experience Cococay for myself and wanted to share some of the best things to do during your stay.

A must-do activity on Cococay is kayaking along the beautiful crystal-clear water. You can rent a single or double kayak with optional soft-pack cooler which is perfect for carrying snacks. From here you can easily explore the reefs below and have up-close and personal encounters with the many exotic fish and marine creatures that live in them.

If you’re looking for something a bit more relaxing, why not explore the island further on a windsurfing board? Despite being relatively unknown for its windsurfing, Cococay has some of the best conditions for learning this adventurous sport. On a typical day, the wind is gentle and steady so you can get some incredible speeds with the right technique.

A visit to Cococay wouldn’t be complete without some time spent lazing on the beach. Here you can enjoy everything from volleyball, sandcastle building and collecting shells. There is also a wide selection of beach bars and restaurants that can provide everything from a light lunch to a sumptuous dinner while you watch the stunning sunsets.

My trip to Cococay was an amazing experience. Not only did I enjoy the activities and attractions I would highly recommend you try kayaking, windsurfing and beach relaxing as some of the best things to do while on Cococay.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should we do at CocoCay?

At CocoCay, guests can enjoy a day of relaxation, adventure and fun. They can hit the beach and relax with a refreshing dip in the crystal-clear waters, or explore the many activities available. Guests can also grab a tropical drink at the swim-up bar, go for a dip in the water slides, enjoy a game of beach volleyball or basketball and take a picture in front of the ship. There is something for everyone to enjoy at CocoCay!

What is CocoCay known for?

CocoCay is known for its adventure park, featuring the tallest waterslide in North America, Daredevil’s Peak, and other exciting attractions such as Up, Up and Away. The perfect day at CocoCay includes something for everyone and offers a unique and thrilling experience for all ages. From ziplines and inflatable obstacle courses to snorkeling and living reefs, CocoCay offers a unique and unforgettable experience.

Do the workers live on CocoCay?

Yes, local Bahamian employees live on CocoCay. However, only Royal Caribbean employees and cruise ship guests have access to the island. When guests are not present, the island is not operational.

How many people live in CocoCay?

There are currently 38 people living in CocoCay, which is located in the Berry Islands district of the Bahamas. CocoCay is an island resort destination, making it an ideal spot for some sun and sand. This paradisiacal destination is quickly becoming a popular destination for those looking for a unique and peaceful experience.

Do you have to pay for water slides on CocoCay?

Yes, there is an admission fee for guests who want to visit the Thrill Waterpark on CocoCay. All persons over three years of age must pay the admission fee in order to access and use the water slides. Guests of all ages must pay for a ticket and are encouraged to book tickets in advance for the best experience.

What part of CocoCay is free?

Answer: CocoCay is full of free activities to enjoy. The beaches, pools and restaurants are all free to access and explore. So, if you’re looking for free activities on CocoCay, you’re in luck!

Is there a wave pool at CocoCay?

Yes, there is a wave pool at CocoCay. Thrill Waterpark, a separate section of CocoCay, features a wave pool with towering slides and an obstacle course. Guests can enjoy fun in the sun with rides, slides, and breathtaking views!

Which amenities are included with admission into Coco Beach Club?

Admission to Coco Beach Club includes complimentary chairs, umbrellas, premium towels, showers and restrooms. Overwater Cabanas and Beach Cabanas are also available. All amenities provide comfort and convenience to guests.

What was CocoCay before?

Before 2018, CocoCay was known as Little Stirrup Cay, which was leased by Admiral Cruises. In 1988, Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. acquired Admiral Cruises and assumed the lease of the island, renaming it CocoCay in 2018.

How much did it cost to build CocoCay?

It cost Royal Caribbean International $200 million to build CocoCay. This makes CocoCay one of the most expensive cruise destinations in the world. The grand total to construct this beautiful Caribbean island was an impressive $200 million.

How long did CocoCay take to build?

CocoCay took roughly two years to build. The company aimed to maintain the guest experience and keep the island open during the entire process, resulting in the two year period. Through detailed planning and effort, the design of the island was successfully completed.

How many people live at CocoCay?

At CocoCay, up to 30 people can live there at any given time. This is ideal for those looking for a peaceful and secluded getaway. It’s the perfect place to relax and enjoy the Caribbean lifestyle.

Final Thoughts

Cococay is the perfect destination for anyone looking for a fun-filled getaway. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing beach day, an adventurous excursion, or exploring the depths of the crystal blue waters, there is an activity for everyone. With some of the most stunning beaches, crystal little coves, and an abundance of opportunities to explore, this Caribbean paradise is sure to leave you with unforgettable memories. With a variety of activities to choose from, the top 10 things to do in Cococay will make your trip one that you’ll never forget.