Royal Caribbean Photo Package: Capture Your Cruise Memories

Picture yourself in paradise with the ultimate Royal Caribbean photo package. Your memories become even more vivid with the professional photography services offered on many Royal Caribbean cruises. Instead of relying on your basic camera phone shots, a professional photographer will make sure your vacation becomes a treasured keepsake.

Quick Summary

  Capture Your Cruise Memories with Royal Caribbean Photo Packages

Capture your vacation memories with a Royal Caribbean Photo Package! With our professional photographers on board, you can capture every moment of your cruise with prints, digital keepsakes, and onboard multimedia experiences. Our innovative team of photographers know just the right angles and lighting to capture stunning photos of your family and friends from unforgettable experiences on the island and ship. Get exclusive discounts when you select a multi-day option and enjoy professional-quality photos for keepsakes or for sharing with friends back home. Get creative with an array of fun props too! Royal Caribbean Photo Packages are a great way to preserve memories that you’ll treasure for years to come.

Capture Your Cruise Memories with Royal Caribbean Photo Packages

Are you looking for the best way to capture every moment, memory and magical moment of your cruise holiday with Royal Caribbean? With Royal Caribbean photo packages you have a range of options to capture and preserve those wonderful memories with professional photography.

Features of Royal Caribbean Photo Packages

  • Suitable for both adults and children
  • Highly skilled professional photographers
  • Wide range of photos packages
  • Various innovative themed shoots
  • Professional editing and retouching of your photos

Types of Royal Caribbean Photo Packages

  • Captains Chair: Get your photo taken in the Royal Caribbean captains chair.
  • Tandem Ski Shoot: Includes two adults and two professional photographers for a hour.
  • Personalized Shoot: Customize your shoot and let the professionals capture all your moments.
  • Family Reunion Cruise: Capture your entire family onboard a Royal Caribbean photo package.
  • Couples Photoshoot: Be romantic and take some beautiful photos with your loved one.
  • Benefits of Royal Caribbean Photo Packages

    Nobody likes to miss out special moments or occasions, that’s why Royal Caribbean photo packages enable you to capture every moment of your cruise and help you zoom your memories. The memories that you capture can be found in different varieties and sizes and will last for a lifetime. The trained professionals will make sure to give you the best photography experience.

    Tips for Booking Royal Caribbean Photo Packages

    • Book your package as early as possible due to limited availability.
    • Choose your preference of photos, format and add-ons before the cruise.
    • Look out for Royal Caribbean promotions and discounts.
    • Make sure you have enough storage in your devices.

    Personal Experience

    Can I get my Royal Caribbean pictures after the cruise?

    I recently had the privilege of taking advantage of Royal Caribbean’s fantastic photo package on my cruise to the Bahamas. I was excited to be able to capture some of my favorite memories in a beautiful and professionally produced photo album. Upon boarding the boat, each passenger was provided a photo package that included a four day session with the ship’s professional photographers. We had a great time taking photos around the ship and exploring this new and exciting vacation opportunity. With a wide range of backdrops to choose from and the skill of the photographers, we were able to capture some truly memorable and stunning images. Once the session was complete, we were given the chance to look through the pictures and purchase any that we liked. We found this to be well worth the money, since the photos were taken with professional skill and the results truly reflect that. Finally, Royal Caribbean also offered a complimentary photo album with the purchase of the photo package. It was beautifully made, with quality paper and a luxurious finish. This was an amazing way to proudly display our favorite photos from the cruise and capture the memories forever. Overall, Royal Caribbean’s photo package is an amazing purchase. The level of professionalism and quality of the end product you get is definitely worth the money and a great way to remember your vacation.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can I get my Royal Caribbean pictures after the cruise?

    Yes, you can get your Royal Caribbean pictures after the cruise. Guests are able to download and view their purchased photos and make final selections from any device at their convenience. There is no physical media to take home, but photos are available to download and view after the cruise.

    How do photos work on Royal Caribbean?

    Answer: On Royal Caribbean cruises, photo packages can only be purchased per stateroom and each photo is linked to the guests travelling in that stateroom. Guests can purchase digital or print photo packages and browse photos taken by the onboard photographer. Photos of accompanying family members and friends can also be included.

    How much does Royal Caribbean charge for photos?

    Royal Caribbean offers photography services for private viewing sessions with their photographers. The fee for this service is $85.00 per hour. In order to waive the fee, customers must purchase a total of $600 or more in photos.

    What forms of ID are acceptable for a cruise?

    Acceptable forms of ID for a cruise include an Enhanced Driver’s License (EDL), a government-issued birth certificate, passport, or passport card. All valid identification documents must include a photograph of the traveler and must be issued by a government agency and should include a seal or other official marking. U.S. citizens may also be required to complete a customs form.

    How do I upload my passport to Royal Caribbean?

    To upload your passport to Royal Caribbean, log in to the Cruise Personalizer. Select ‘Documents’ from the left panel and click ‘Add Documents’. Select ‘Passport’ from the list of available documents and follow the steps to upload your passport. Once you have finished uploading the document, it will be securely stored in the Royal Caribbean system.

    How do you get pictures after Royal Caribbean cruise?

    After a Royal Caribbean cruise, you can get your pictures by accessing a secure invitation link sent automatically to your email address within 4-7 business days after the end of your cruise. The link will provide access to view and download your photos.

    Can you buy Royal Caribbean photos after the cruise?

    No, unfortunately it is not possible to purchase Royal Caribbean photos after the cruise. All products and services need to be purchased pre-cruise with a discount, or onboard at the Focus Photo Gallery. We do not offer any sales of photographic products or services after the cruise has ended.

    Final Thoughts

    The Royal Caribbean Photo Package is an ideal way to capture the memories of your cruise and share them with family, friends and future generations. With the option to purchase a digital only package or a combination of prints and digital products and a wide array of sizes and products to choose from, you can tailor the package to perfectly match the type of memories you want to preserve. Whether you’re looking for a high quality natural canvas or an album of memories to share with friends, you’ll be able to create the perfect cruise memory package for your needs.