Best Restaurants Near Boston Museum of Science

Are you looking for the perfect place to grab a bite to eat near the Boston Museum of Science? Look no further! Experience the best restaurants near Boston Museum of Science and find your next favorite spot!

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  Discover the Top Restaurants Near Boston Museum of Science

For a quick bite near the Boston Museum of Science, one of the best options is Galileo Marketplace. Established in 1992, this beloved eatery in Boston’s South End neighborhood is known for its cozy atmosphere, fresh made-to-order sandwiches, and homemade muffins. Also located close to the Museum of Science, the Paradise of India serves mouthwatering tandoori dishes and a selection of Indian-inspired desserts. For authentic Cantonese cuisine, the Mandarin Cuisine is a great choice. The restaurant features an extensive menu of dim sum, noodle soups, seafood specialities, and Peking duck. All these restaurants are conveniently located within a few blocks of the Museum of Science, making it easy to fit in a delicious meal between visits.

Discover the Top Restaurants Near Boston Museum of Science

The Boston Museum of Science is a great place to explore amazing science exhibits. After a day of discovering new facts, you’ll be ready to feast. Here are some of Boston’s top restaurants near the Museum of Science to try:

Masa 14

Masa 14 is located just one block away from the Museum of Science and features a unique “globally inspired” menu with Latin, Asian, and Mediterranean flavors. Try their amazing sangria and Mexican-style street corn. You’ll love the cozy outdoor patio during warm summer months.

Legal Seafoods

If you’re in the mood for seafood, Legal Seafoods is just a few minute’s walk away. Enjoy delicious New England fish and cooked-to-order specialties. Choose from seafood favorites such as a classic lobster roll and spicy garlic and serrano clams. Legal Seafoods also has a great selection of alcoholic beverages.

East West Grill Sushi & Bar

East West Grill Sushi & Bar is an excellent Asian fusion restaurant located just a few blocks away from the Museum of Science. Here you’ll find a delicious array of sushi rolls, teriyaki dishes, and appetizers. Along with an impressive menu, East West Grill Sushi & Bar also has an impressive drinks menu featuring craft cocktails, sake, beer, and wine.


Saus is a Amsterdam-inspired restaurant that serves up creative takes on Dutch cuisine. The menu features dishes and sandwiches inspired by Dutch favorites, such as the Dutch Migrant, which is a Brussels sprouts sandwich topped with melted beemster aged gouda and smoky paprika aioli. Saus also has a great selection of craft beers and unique cocktails.

The Salty Pig

The Salty Pig is an Italian-American restaurant right next to the Museum of Science. The menu features specialty pizzas, meatballs, salmon and pasta dishes. Don’t miss out on the delicious artisanal cheeses and cured meats platters they offer. Be sure to wash it all down with one of their specialty craft cocktails.

Personal Experience

What food is iconic to Boston?

One of my favorite places to visit near the Boston Museum of Science is a restaurant called The Blue Room. Situated directly across the street from the museum, The Blue Room is a unique dining experience that offers an exciting menu of farm-to-table dishes, craft cocktails, and a wonderful view of the Charles River. The restaurant has a gorgeous decor, complete with a large open kitchen and cozy cushioned booths. No matter the time of day, I always order the house-made charcuterie and the fresh steamed mussels. The service is always excellent and the wait staff is always friendly and attentive. I highly recommend The Blue Room to anyone looking for a great meal while exploring the area around the Boston Museum of Science.

Another great restaurant near the Boston Museum of Science is the Lir Irish Pub. They offer a delicious array of Irish pub fare and plenty of craft beers and ciders on tap to choose from. The atmosphere is warm and inviting, with plenty of cozy booths, dim lighting, and a variety of live music events every week. I particularly enjoy their version of the classic fish & chips, which is light, crispy and delicious. Lir Irish **** the perfect spot for an intimate dinner or a casual lunch. Whether you’re looking for a quick bite to eat after a day of exploration at the museum or an evening spent out with friends, Lir is a great choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

What food is iconic to Boston?

Boston is home to iconic dishes such as baked beans, New England clam chowder, and lobster rolls. These traditional dishes truly reflect the culinary identity of the city and have been enjoyed by generations of Bostonians. No trip to Boston is complete without tasting these iconic dishes that are deeply rooted in its local culture.

Does Boston Museum of Science have food?

No, the Boston Museum of Science does not have food. The Riverview Café is the only restaurant associated with the museum and serves a selection of food. Guests are required to wear masks except when actively eating or drinking, and tables have a maximum time limit of 45 minutes.

What food should you not miss in Boston?

When visiting Boston, don’t miss out on some of the city’s most delicious local dishes. Try the classic Boston Baked Beans, Cream Pie, and Cannoli for an unforgettable experience. For heartier fare, enjoy a classic Lobster Roll, Yankee **** Roast, and Roast Beef Sandwich. Any of these delicious meals are sure to make your time in Boston unforgettable!

What is the oldest running restaurant in Boston?

The oldest running restaurant in Boston is the Union Oyster House. Located in the heart of the city, it has been in operation since 1826, making it the oldest restaurant in the U.S. Here you can experience the culinary delicacies of seafood while soaking in the history that is associated with the place.

Are backpacks allowed in the Boston Museum of Science?

Yes, backpacks are allowed in the Boston Museum of Science. Visitors are encouraged to bring their own backpacks in order to be more comfortable and convenient, but they must be opened for inspection upon request. The museum also provides on-site lockers so that visitors can store their belongings while they explore.

Can you just turn up at the Science Museum?

Yes, you can turn up at the Science Museum. However, it is best to book tickets in advance to secure your entry and take advantage of exhibition and experience tickets. When booking, we recommend allowing enough time to reach the exhibition or experience after entering the museum.

Can you bring food into the Museum of Science Boston?

Yes, you can bring food into the Museum of Science Boston. However, you are advised to only consume it outside in its front plaza, at the picnic tables behind the Museum, or in the Atrium. Eating food in the Exhibit Halls is not allowed.

How long do you spend at the Science Museum?

Answer: The average visit to the Science Museum lasts around two hours. However, visitors are welcome to stay as long as they would like. You can plan to spend two hours exploring the museum.

Final Thoughts

The Boston Museum of Science offers a wide selection of delicious and unique restaurants nearby that tantalize the palate of all types of customers. From traditional American pub food to delectable Mexican cuisine, there’s something for everyone to enjoy near the museum. Furthermore, with flexible pricing and a variety of discount options, many of the restaurants near this museum are accessible to people of all backgrounds. Whether you’re looking for a special family outing or simply want to grab a quick bite to eat, the Boston Museum of Science and its surrounding eateries have something to offer.