How to fix 404 Not Found for website visitors and owners -

How to fix 404 Not Found for website visitors and owners

The 404 error, often known as the ‘page not found’ error, is a Hypertext Transfer Protocol standard response code that indicates that the server was unable to locate the requested resource. This warning may also show if the server refuses to provide the requested data or if the content has been removed.

The “404 not found” web page is generated if a web page cannot be found due to a broken or dead link. This error code has become one of the most well-known on the internet.

When using HTTP to communicate over a computer network, a server must respond to a request for web age.

The first digit in the Code denotes a user error. An incorrect Uniform Resource Locator URL could be the cause of the problem. The next two digits represent the precise errors that were encountered.

When a URL is destroyed or moved, the 404 code error is frequently displayed.

The 404 code error message always includes a human-readable “reason phrase” that everyone can understand. As required by the HTTP specifications, most web browsers display 404 code error messages with the text “page not found.”

In Microsoft’s Internet Information Services, there are several sub-status error codes. The Internet Assigned Numbers Authority does not recognize them. Non-Microsoft servers also do not return them.

The causes and solutions of 404 Not found error:

  • Mistyping the URL: 
    • When the end-user mistype the URL (Uniform resource locator) then it causes a 404 error.
    • This mistype may lead the end-user to the wrong website and motivate them for phishing purposes.
    • So, before visiting the website, users should double-check the wording of the respective URL.
    • Misspellings are a typical blunder that may deceive end-users to believe that their computer has an issue while the corresponding website is fully OK.
  • Moving a web page:
    • When a website developer develops a new webpage and inserts this newly developed webpage in the wrong folder then it may cause a 404 Not found error.
    • This webpage is available on the same directory but it can not be accessed by the end-users.
    • The developers can cross-verify and placed the web pages in actual position using the File transfer protocol or content management system.
  • Moving the web page’s directory: 
    • When the developer modifies the existing directory and moves the directory to the wrong place then it may cause a 404 Not found error.
    • when the developer changes the directory then the address of each web page is changed So it may again cause a 404 Not found error.
    • Again to overcome this cause the developer needs to cross verify the location of each directory and web page location.
  • Replacing the whole website: 
    • When the developer re-hosted the website then it may be possible that the domain name or URL (Uniform resource locator) of the website gets changed or the website is in downtime then it may cause a 404 not found error.
    • So, to overcome this problem the website developer can wait for a few minutes or contact the website host provider to overcome this issue.
  • Forgetting the redirect: 
    • The redirecting or 301 redirect 404 Not found error occurs when the website is moved to a new location.
    • The redirecting tell the end-users that the respective URL is moved to the new domain name, now end-users can access this website with the new URL.
    • The hosting website also tells the web-browser to shift the website ranking and keywords for the new URL or domain name.

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