13 Money-Saving Tips That Will Not Make You Look Cheap -

13 Money-Saving Tips That Will Not Make You Look Cheap

It’s natural to emphasize the importance of saving. However, we fail to do so. If we are unable to do so, we sometimes appear cheap. And we are not in favor of it.

Here, we’ll discuss specific ways to save money.

1. Rather than going to the supermarket, order groceries online.

Shopping is enjoyable, even more so when you see a lot. However, it can also wreak havoc on your budget if you shop at the supermarket. Purchase your groceries online if possible. The majority of chain stores now offer online ordering and delivery, including:

  • Mobile Puregold (mobile app)
  • Markets SM (mobile app and website)
  • The Watsons (website)
  • The Robinsons (mobile app and website)z

Registration is completely free. Payment options include credit card or cash-on-delivery. The beauty of it is that ordering groceries online has numerous advantages:

  • You can avoid traffic altogether.
  • You will not become exhausted as there will be no trip.
  • Additionally, you can avoid the impulse buying that frequently occurs when you see a lot and are hungry.
  • You will immediately know the total cost and will avoid overspending.
  • You can avoid contracting COVID19 because you will never resurface.
  • You will no longer be required to pay for fares or fuel.

2. Cook for an extended period throughout the day, rather than separately for lunch and dinner.

You are cooking a dish once a day saves your family a lot of money. Why?

  • Your LPG will have a longer shelf life.

If your 11 kilograms of LPG previously lasted a month, it will now last two months due to the dish’s one-time use. Reheat it slightly when you’re ready to eat.

  • You can save money on ingredient costs.

You can save money on ingredients because you will only need to buy one instead of purchasing two different types of dishes daily. Set aside funds for the second course.

  • You will feel less exhausted after cooking.

This is, without a doubt, the most critical of the three—your effort. If you cook only one dish per day, you will reduce your workload. You can spend the time you save on self-improvement activities.

3. Purchase necessities in bulk.
Avoid purchasing at the retail level. When buying in bulk, you can save money.

A 50-gram sachet of coffee costs 39 pesos. However, the 200-gram pack costs 148 pesos. You save eight pesos on a 200-gram package.

This means that if you purchase coffee every month, you can save 96 pesos each year. Not particularly large, but it is just coffee. Numerous other necessities of life are available in bulk, including bath soap, shampoo, detergent, toothpaste, soy sauce, vinegar, and oil.

4. Avoid water wastage.
If you reduce your water consumption by ten cubic meters, you will save approximately 130 pesos in Maynilad when we wrote this article. However, if you exceed 11 cubic meters, your bill will increase to 248 pesos. You will pay nearly twice as much for a single cubic meter increase.

With 1-4 members, the household’s monthly consumption is only ten cubic meters. Our family consists of four individuals: my husband and I and our two children (12 years old and six years old). Our monthly water consumption is only 7-9 cubic meters. What is our enigma?

Our main switch is only partially flipped open. We didn’t have a lot of wasted water because the water was so weak.

5. Consider renting first, rather than purchasing a house and lot (or condo).
You can save money by renting first rather than paying in installments for a house and lot (or condo). It truly depends on the trend of the housing economy and the country’s interest rates at the time. If loan interest rates are high, your monthly payments will be increased as well. Another issue is that this will become your monthly bill until it is completed. It is preferable to rent first in this case. Wait for interest rates and housing prices to fall.

6. Purchase gifts months in advance of the scheduled occasion.
As Christmas approaches, an increasing number of gift products become available, and prices continue to rise. However, these products are typically less expensive if purchased later. The same is true for other occasions, such as the new year, graduation, mother’s day, father’s day, Valentine’s day, and when school is about to begin. You must exercise caution when purchasing these items.

7. Arrange for an off-season outing.
Avoid taking walks during the high season, when lodging, food, and souvenirs are all expensive. People are also crowded at this time. You will proceed with haste. It will be a negative experience for both you and your wallet.

Consider taking turns during the off-season. You will not experience undue inconvenience. You’ll still enjoy todo because there’s so much to buy and taste. Additionally, you will have a better place to stay, as it is less expensive than the peak season.

8. Avoid excessive makeup and embellishment on the face and body.
There is no need for women to spend a fortune on makeup. The less complicated the facial makeup, the more appealing it is to the eye.

If you’re going to the mall for the day, powder and lipstick are acceptable. When it comes to working, a lot of accessories and heavy makeup are unnecessary. Excessive makeup can age you and even damage your skin. We are simply there with a simple yet elegant appearance. Simplicity is the essence of beauty.

Additionally, you do not have to be wealthy to purchase accessories or makeup. However, avoid being phony. They matter to you and are manageable.

9. Consider purchasing used equipment rather than brand new.
Secondhand equipment is less expensive than brand new equipment. Not every situation requires a brand-new item, and not every situation necessitates an ugly, broken, or low-quality secondhand article.

As with air conditioning, televisions, and refrigerators, it’s beneficial to purchase them at a discounted price as long as they work correctly. Furniture made of wood, such as a Dining Set or a Living Room Set. When purchased brand new, the majority of them are magnificent. Clean them thoroughly. Yet affordable and elegant.

There are numerous items available secondhand. We need to exercise discernment in our selections.

10. Use energy-efficient LED light bulbs to save money.
Compared to standard fluorescent bulbs and even more so to incandescent bulbs, LED light bulbs to offer significant energy savings (those with yellow light).

According to one study, LEDs can save up to 72 percent more energy than incandescent bulbs. When compared to fluorescent lighting, LED saves you 47%.

This means that you can save between 47% and 72% on your electricity bill to lighting your home.

11. If this is the case, ceiling fans should be used rather than stand fans.
Due to the motor’s location inside, an electric fan consumes a significant amount of electricity: an enormous fan, a larger engine, and higher power consumption. Our monthly bill was previously set at 800 pesos. There are two stand fans in our home. However, we chose to utilize small ceiling fans. Our monthly bill totaled less than 500 pesos.

We were able to save 300 pesos. It may not be much, but it will add up to 3,600 pesos per year, which I can add to our children’s tuition.

12. Avoid leaving the television on standby.
According to a study conducted by the United States Department of Energy, when a television is in standby mode (that is, when it is not in use and not unplugged), it consumes 5% of the energy it consumes typically when in use. This is fantastic, especially when you consider that the refrigerator, air conditioning, electric fans, and television are the top energy consumers in a home.

If you use 50 kilowatts of electricity per month to watch TV, you can save 2.5 kilowatts. You can save 30 kilowatts per year (or 500 pesos in bills).

If you are not using the television, turn it off and unplug it. Additionally, you can avoid damaging the tv in the event of a power surge.

13. Refrain from using credit cards.
Whenever possible, pay with cash rather than a credit card because we have an ingrained belief that it is easy to spend when we are unaware of the cost. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the United States investigated it.

When we use credit cards, we are more tempted to make large purchases. Things can be beneficial to us even when we do not require them. This is detrimental to our budget. Let us avoid situations where we will spend money unnecessarily.


There are numerous ways to save money, and you can do so without making your life miserable or appearing cheap.

Your money mustn’t end up in the wrong hands. Would you rather pay an additional $3,600 on your annual electric bill or enjoy it on your scheduled outing?

Be prudent with your money. You will learn how to budget your salary from here. This is the start of the process of enrichment.

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