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Research SAT SELF ASSESSMENT- 3RD QUARTER Questions and Answers Key

1. If something is wrong on a page or if you discover an accidental blank page in your logbook. Which of these is best to do?
a.Remove the pages from the logbook immediately
b.Use liquid or pencil erasers when deleting some errors, information or data.
c. Attach the blank page to the preceding pages.
d. Cross and sign the error part.
2.Which of the following includes all data gathered from the experiments which can be presented through tables, graphs, figures, etc.
a. Introduction
b. Conclusion
c. Methodology
d. Results
3.Which of the following part of the research paper should be treated as the “soul” of the research paper and not just as an accessory part.
a. Abstract
b. Discussion
c. Introduction
d. Recommendations
4.Which of the following part of a research paper composed of the summary of the purpose, procedure, data and conclusion ?
a. results
b. abstract
c. conclusion
d. recommendations
5.What part of research paper includes photographs, schematic diagrams, layouts or drawings especially for inventions and new product?
a. results
b. discussion
c. methodology
d. recommendations
6. What can we usually found in the result part of the scientific paper?
a.Captions are placed below the table.
b.Captions for graphs, figures and diagrams are placed on top of them.
c.Experimental results presented in table, graphs, figures and diagrams.
d. It includes subsections for each result.
7. In what part of paper, wherein no discussion should be presented?
a. Results
B. Recommendation
C. Abstract
d. Discussion
8. Which of the following presents what else can be done to improve the research, to widen the knowledge about this research topic, and other variables that can be tested in relation to the research ?
a. Introduction
b. Recommendation
c. Methodology
d. Abstract
9.Which of the following serves as the “ultimate evidence” of research-related activities
a. Photodocumentation
b. Logbook
c. Results
d. Discussion
10. Which of the following serve as the “official transcript” of the activities related to the research
b. Photodocumentation
c. Board Display
d. Research Poster
11.Which of the following refer to animal research ethics?
a.R.A 2420
b. R.A 3450
c. R.A 8485
d. R.A 6460
12.Which of the following refer to the formal and direct message to thank people in your research
c. Appendix
d. Summary
13.Which of the following part discusses relevant information, reviews most recent findings, and identifies gaps in existing knowledge about the study?
a.Background of the study
b. Review of Related Literature
c. Recommendations
d. Conclusion
Correct answer
b. Review of Related Literature
14.Which of the following refer to does not include in abstract?
b. data
c. conclusion
d. methods given by the adult sponsor
Correct answer
d. methods given by the adult sponsor
15.How can we make sure that the study has no duplication of other studies and that the present study may only be a replication of another study?
a. proper citation of the materials.
b. quoting the materials
c. justification of the study
d.alphabetically arranged
16.Which part of the research paper wherein most of the related literatures are integrated in this part and not in the Introduction?
a. results
b. discussion
c. conclusion
d. recommendations
17. Interviews with administrators, teachers, school employees, students and relatives.
a. relics
b. oral testimony
c. documents
d. replications
18. The words kept and written by actual participants in, or witness of, an event. Some documents are as follows: a) Legislative acts, b) Books, newspapers, magazines, master’s theses, doctoral dissertations c) Personal materials, d)Handwritten materials,
a. documents
b. oral testimony
c. remains
d. replications.
19.Should be written AFTER the whole research paper was written but not before the deadline of submission for the research paper
a. Introduction
b. abstract
c. review of related literature
d. conclusion
Correct answer
b. abstract
20.It is a way of giving credit to individuals for their creative and intellectual works that you utilized to support your research.
a. citation
b. introduction
c. acknowledgement
d. discussion
Correct answer
a. citation
21.How many team members must be in research according to ISEF RULES
a. 3 members
b. 5 members
c. 6 members
d. 4 members
22.Which of the following refer to the committee that evaluates research paper?
a. SRC
23.Which of the following is a good characteristic of a good research paper?
A. has a purpose and innovation
b. has discrimination
c. lack of references
24.What is the main or principal purpose and goal of research?
a.control life
b.preservation and improvement of human life opportunity
d. lack resiurces
25.Board display should be
a. readable and organize
b. colorful
c. more on wordings
d. more on pictures
26. Logbook should always be
a.clean and organize
b. keep by the team leader
c. should not be readable
d. should have lot of errors
27. Research Title should be
a. catchy and interesting
b. too long
c. too short
d. not clear
28. Review of Related Literature should have
a. reliable sources
b. one sources only
c. internet sources only
d. book sources only
29. Methodology in the board display should be in
a. flowchart
b. paragraph
c in words
d. in long text
30.Which of the following describes a good research topic ?
B. not accurate
c. too long
d. no resources

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