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MAPEH Grade 10 Third Quarter SAT Questions and Answer Key



DIRECTIONS: MULTIPLE CHOICE. Select the letter of your choice and write it on your answer
1. Kundiman is a romantic song. Who is known as the “Father of kundiman?”
A. Abelardo C. Molina
B. Buencamino D. Santiago
2. During this period, many composers delved on love song composition. Who was
the composer of “Mutya ng Pasig”?
A. Abelardo C. Molina
B. Buencamino D. Santiago
3. If Debussy was considered as the main proponent of Impressionism, who is the
“Father of Philippine Impressionist Music”?
A. Abelardo C. Molina
B. Buencamino D. Santiago
4. Myla loves to sing “Sa Ugoy ng Duyan” for her one-month old son. Sa Ugoy ng
Duyan was originally sung by a mother of one of the following composers.
A. Cayabyab C. San Pedro
B. De Leon D. A. Santos
5. Which of the following is NOT a composition of Ryan Cayabyab?
A. Alikabok C. Opera Spoliarium
B. Kay Ganda ng Ating Musik D. Pandanggo sa Ilaw
6. Ethnic touch is one of the characteristics of some of the compositions of Filipino
composers. Which of the following was a composition of Lukrecia Kasilg?
A. Agungan C. Ugma-Ugma
B. Dularawan D. Ugnayan
7. It is a prestige performing on a known musical stage. Who was the composer who
was able to perform in Carnegie Recital Hall in New York?
A. Baes C. Maramba
B. Dadap D. Toledo
8. Whenever Renalyn attends mass, she remembers always one of the priest
composers in their music lecture. Who was the composer remembered by
A. Baes C. Maramba
B. Dadap D. Toledo
9. Music is a special gift given by God. Who is regarded as the only leaf player in the
history of mankind?
A. Celerio C. Suarez
B. Peña D. Velarde Jr.

10. Who among the following is Angel Peña?

A. B. C. D.
11. One of the composers below was commissioned by First Lady Imelda Marcos to
compose a national tribute hymn entitled, “Ako Ay Pilipino.” Who among them is the

A. B. C. D.

12. All of the following were compositions of Leopoldo Silos EXCEPT one. Which one
A. Aawitan Kita C. Hindi kita Malimot
B. Dahil sa Isang Bulaklak D. Igorot Rhapsody

13. Passion is always the key to a greater perseverance to reach once goals. Who is
the composer who really loved music and supported his studies by becoming a bus
A. Celerio C. Suarez
B. Peña D. Velarde Jr.
14. Photography was viewed as the purely technical process, that of recording visible
images by light action on light-sensitive materials. This statement is
A. Fact C. Opinion
B. Lie D. Fiction
15. He is a award winning Filipino travel photographer who won two Pacific Asia
Tourism Association (PATA) Gold awards.
A. George Tapan C. John Chua
B. Manny Librodo D. Lino Brocka
16. Another art form which has risen to tremendous heights with in the century which
brought another dimension into play that of moving images with an early name of
“motion pictures”.
A. animation C. photography
B. film or cinema D. interior design
17. Cinematography or the art of film camera work that captured the director’s vision of
each scene while the ___________ is the art of selecting the precise sections of
film, the sequencing and joining them to achieve the director’s visual and emotional
A. Editing C. Acting
B. Production/set design D. Directing
18. A award winning Filipino director of a heartwarming drama film Magnifico, won for
him the Best Director at the 2003 FAMAS award.
A. Brillante Mendoza C. Marilou Diaz Abaya
B. Maryo J. delos Reyes D. Ishmael Bernal


19. Film or cinema is an art form which has risen to tremendous heights within the later
part of the century. Cinema, just as all modern arts, has been greatly influenced by
technology. Which refers to artworks that depend on a technological component to
function by incorporating emerging technologies?
A. Media Art C. Product Design
B. Cinematography D. Photography
20. An annual festival and competition featuring the works of Filipino animators.
A. Animahenasyon C. Metro Manila Film Festival
B. Pixel Awards D. FAMAS awards
21. The following animated movies are created by an all-Filipino group, except
A. RPG metanoia C. Urduja
B. Dayo D. Captain Flaming
22. Being a modern art form means that photography is now viewed as more than just
about beautiful. It is also considered one of the most powerful means of
communication. This power of communication comes from two distinctive
characteristics of photography which are DETAIL and ______.
A. Motion C. Technique
B. Immediacy D. Authentic
23. The popularity of Philippine comics began in the 1920s when Liwayway magazine
started featuring comic strip, such as Mga Kabalbalan ni Kenkoy. Which of the
following Filipino comic works series reflecting or commenting on current political
and social issues or on the Filipino character in a humorous way?
A. Darna C. Pugad Baboy
B. Captain Barbell D. Joaquin Burdado
24. The Philippines has a long history in animation services. In fact, Filipino animators
have been involved in the creation of some of the best-loved – and technically
challenging – animated feature films, and Print Media plays a great role in this
endeavor. What is the primary use of print media?
A. To spread information about daily events and news as it is the fastest way to
reach the public.
B. To highlights the artistic gifts of an Artists.
C. To reflect or comment on current political and social issues.
D. To create an identity for the Philippines within the animation industry, making
it one of the preferred sources for animation services worldwide.

25. Book design includes not only the graphic design of the front and back cover, but
also the layout and typographic design of every page within your book. Taking full
responsibility in designing your book will ensure that
A. the details of your book lead your future readers to your book, give off a
professional impression, and do not your interrupt readers from enjoying
your masterpiece.
B. your story will gain in popularity on social media-based publishing sites, like
C. The designers and illustrators will be given the professional stature they
deserve and the creative freedom they need to truly showcase their talents.
D. None of the above.


26. Focusing a camera at a subject and clicking the shutter is photography as process.
In a pictorial shoot, the photographer may position lighting, modify the lens setting,
or use filters to create an effect he or she has conceptualized beforehand. Below is
the list of noteworthy Philippines’s photographers and their contributions except…
A. George Tapan – Won two Pacific Asia Tourism Association [PATA] Gold
B. Manny Librodo – Specializing in travel and people, glamour, and fashion
C. Marilou Diaz Abaya- Captured the attention and respect of the viewing public
with powerful films such as Jose Rizal.
D. John K. Chua – An Advertising and commercial photographer
27. Which of the following is considered as a therapeutic refreshment or relaxation of
one’s body and mind?
A. Dance C. Play
B. Hip – hop D. Recreation
28. Julio was engaged in this kind of dance styles that evolved outside of studios. What
do you call this dance style?
A. Ballet dance C. Folk dance
B. Ballroom dance D. Street dance
29. B-boying is one of the styles of Street dance that originated in the year 1970 at
New York City and is also known as__________.
A. Breakdancing C. Rapping
B. Floorwork D. Shuffle
30. Most of the Millennial Generation today enjoy this cultural movement best known
for its impact on Music in the form of the musical genre of the same name. What do
you call this movement?
A. Aerobic dance C. Folk dance
B. Ballroom dance D. Hip – hop dance
31. The following are the different elements that comprise breakdancing EXCEPT one
A. Downrock C. Power moves
B. Krumping D. Top rock
32. Which of the following elements of Breakdancing is an acrobatic move that requires
A. Downrock C. Power moves
B. Freezes D. Top rock
33. Lito is doing his physical activities 5x a week. The statement shows what element
of physical activity?
A. Frequency C. Time
B. Intensity D. Type
34. The following are the benefits that we can get from Dancing as a recreational
activity EXCEPT…
A. improved mental functions
B. increased physical confidence
C. Weak bones and increased risk of Osteoporosis
D. Better coordination, agility and flexibility
35. What is referred to if you are moving your body and use your energy?
A. Emotional activity C. Physical activity
B. Mental activity D. Spiritual activity
36. Which of the following describes the importance of Physical activity?
A. High risk for a heart attack
B. Uncontrolled blood pressure
C. Help you live a longer and happier life
D. Increase the risk of falling among older adults


37. Base on the Filipino Pyramid Guide, which of the following activity should be done
A. Biking C. Playing computer
B. Doing household chores D. Weightlifting
38. The following describe the activities included in the Base of the Filipino Pyramid
Guide EXCEPT….
A. Accessible to everyone C. Convenient
B. Affordable D. Easy
39. It refers to diverse health issues, concerns and trends which are concerns of all
public health officials throughout the world.
A. Health C. Public Health
B. Global Health D. Public Education
40. These are programs organized by the United Nations through the World Health
Organization which help address a global issue, concerns, and trends.
A. Stop TB C. Global Health Initiatives
B. Roll Back Malaria D. None of These
41. In the Philippines, it is the lead executive department of the government which the
primary function is the promotion, protection, preservation, or restoration of the
health of every Filipino to access public health through quality and efficient health
care programs and services.
A. Department of Health
B. Department of Education
C. Department of Social Work and Development
D. World Health Organization
42. Non-communicable diseases cannot spread from person to person. What is the
primary risk factor for developing non-communicable diseases?
A. Physically Inactive C. Tobacco and Alcohol Use
B. Unhealthy Eating Habits D. All the above
43. The following are requirements of the World Health Organization Framework
Convention Tobacco Control:
1- Packaging and labelling
2- Increase in price tax measure of tobacco products
3- Comprehensive ban on advertising and promotion
4- Non-price measures to reduce the demand for tobacco products.
A. 1, 2 and 3 C. 1, 3 and 4
B. 1, 2 and 4 D. 2, 3 and 4
44. Which of these international organizations serves as the lead agency to direct and
coordinate with all member countries around the world regarding leadership,
supervision, technical support, and education on matters about health?
A. World Bank
B. World Health Organization
C. United Nations Health and Life Insurance
D. International Committee of the Red Cross
45. How HIV infection and AIDS is being transmitted?
A. Breastfeeding
B. Contaminated blood transfusions
C. During unprotected sexual intercourse
D. All of these
46. The following are the importance of the Global Alliance for Vaccines and
Immunizations, EXCEPT:
A. Activates our immune system.
B. Help develop immunity by imitating an infection.
C. It helps to reduce the numbers of deaths in children.
D. All of the above


47. A global health effort to create an environment that helps countries to reduce the
burden in the spreading of mosquito – borne infections through development,
preventive measures, and effective treatment.
A. Roll Back Dengue C. Destroy Mosquito Program
B. Roll Back Malaria D. Stop Dengue and Malaria
48. Which of the following is not a communicable disease??
A. Malaria C. HIV and AIDS
B. Tuberculosis D. Cancer
49. The objective of Global Mental Health Initiative is to create and sustain a platform to
address global mental health as a substantive departmental priority. How can you
spread awareness about mental health?
A. Value yourself
B. Set realistic goals
C. Learn how to deal with stress
D. All of the above
50. Which of the following 8 millennium development goals is producing more jobs?
A. Eradicate Extreme Poverty and Hunger
B. Improve Maternal Health
C. Reduce Child Mortality
D. Ensure Environmental Sustainability


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MAPEH Grade 10 Third Quarter SAT Answer Key

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