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Endless paperwork, audits, licenses and red tape is part of setting up an online casino. Even if you have all of the required paperwork the whole process still takes a lot of time. Furthermore not all agents are reliable, sometimes the paperwork is filled out incorrectly costing more time and money.


The biggest expense most online casinos have is software related and there are a limited few software providers for online casinos which drives the prices up significantly, these providers charge between $15,000 to $50,000 per month to lease their software and on top of this they get a 20% cut of the earnings.


An online casino might look like an easy operation but it really consists of multiple factors. A well developed and optimized platform. Here a professional full time team is required. Correct legal structure to prevent lawsuits and penalties. And a stable payment solution. It is no easy task and unnecessarily complicated.


Most online casinos, especially crypto casinos are not transparent with their users. On many online casinos there is no way for the user to verify that the outcome of the draw was generated fairly. There were many cases of casinos swindling their own users by illegal practices. This has led to distrust in the industry.


Regulations Covered

By building your own casino on the Eth Roll platform you are automatically covered by our own gaming license. Our license covers all sub-casinos created on our platform without requiring any additional paperwork.


Our goal is to provide an affordable casino building platform, with a low barrier to entry without compromising  software quality. We aim to put a stop to price gouging which will allow us to attract a large customer base.


Our platform offers an easy drag and drop building system for casinos development. The goal here is speed and simplicity. The days of having to know code for development are old fashioned and outdated.


Offering the ability for anyone to check that the outcome was generated fairly. No more being left in the dark whether the outcome was legitimate or not. We believe that transparency is important for loyalty and brand image.

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