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Petersburg scientists: depression can be treated with antioxidants

Psychotherapists and psychiatrists may have a new way to treat depression. As the professor of St. Petersburg State University Alan Kaluev said, this disease can be compared with inflammation of the brain. This means that antioxidants can become new antidepressants.
As Alan Kaluev said, with depression and chronic stress, there is a change in molecular biomarkers that cause or are associated with inflammation. Figuratively speaking, both inflammation and depression increase the number of cytokines in the blood. This allowed scientists to compare depression to brain inflammation.
– If depression is a consequence of stress, in which the brain’s resistance and its resistance to high emotional stress decreases, a natural question arises: how to treat this disease with drugs? All classical antidepressants act on about 60% of patients, the remaining 40-35% do not perceive them. How can you help them? It turns out that by reducing inflammation in the brain and by increasing its resistance, you can not only make the brain healthier but also cure depression, the scientist explained.
In this regard, antioxidants (natural or synthetic chemicals that can neutralize the oxidative effect of free radicals and other substances in the body. There is a hypothesis that antioxidants can prevent their damaging effects on cells, and thereby slow down the aging process – Ed. .) are currently being tested at the St. Petersburg Institute of Experimental Medicine as possible new antidepressants.
To prevent depression, Alan Kaluev recommended using proven non-drug methods – eating more seafood, going to the sea, and traveling: “The combination of sea, sun, and travel, in my opinion, has a tremendous effect on the body,” the expert summed up.
On May 16, St. Petersburg will host the International Conference on Neurosciences and Biological Psychiatry “Stress and Behavior”.

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