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Research groups and institutions that can help you

What is a research institute?

A research institute, research laboratory, or research center is a research institution. Research institutes may specialize in basic research or may be geared towards applied research. Research institutes are organizations engaged in research and development activities but most often not formally engaged in teaching. However, they may have doctoral students among their staff and have strong links with the universities in their vicinity.

Research institutes, known here as research and development organizations but outside the higher education sector and often in close cooperation with users, are found in most countries but are not very well understood. This paper argues that institutes can be called “hybrid organizations” trapped in dichotomous cultural spheres of varying importance. Research institutes need to build and maintain organizational integrity by creating congruence with values from these different spheres to preserve their hybridity and function on a long-term basis.
The paper explores how institutions aim to create authority in the non-science and public-private dimensions of science and why these attempts often come into conflict with each other. The basis for the validity of hybrid organizations may be a successful starting point for discussing the potential role of research institutes in society.


Abbreviations and their meanings

IMRaDC – “I”ntroduction, “M”aterials and Methods, “R”esults, “D”iscussion, “C”onclusion

SRC – Scientific Review Committee

IRB – Institutional Review Board

RRI – Regulated Research Institute

IACUC – Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee


How do research institutes help you?

Scientific Review Committee (SRC) is a group of qualified individuals responsible for evaluating student research, certifications, research plans, and exhibits for compliance with the rules, applicable laws, and regulations at each level of science fair competition.

Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee(IACUC) – this reviews and approves all vertebrate animal studies before experimentation.

Institutional Review Board(IRB)
– For human participant projects review
– is a committee that, according to federal regulations must evaluate the potential physical and/or psychological risk of research involving humans.


These are some examples of research groups and institutes. There are many other examples of it, depending on where you live.

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