New Haven Pizza Tour: A Delicious Exploration of America’s Pizza Capital

Experience the best slice of heaven this side of New Haven on a guided culinary tour of the best pizza the city has to offer! Enjoy unique gourmet slices and locally crafted Italian-style pizzas – all within the charming limits of New Haven!

Quick Summary

  New Haven Pizza Tour - An Unforgettable Journey Through America’s Pizza Capital

Experience a delicious exploration of America’s Pizza Capital with the New Haven Pizza Tour. Sample slices of hot, delicious “apizza,” the local term for pizza, from the city’s most iconic pizzerias. On this tour you will visit four different restaurants, learn about New Haven’s 300-year-history and spot popular attractions as you eat your way through the city. Discover why New Haven is renowned for its pizza by tasting a variety of its offerings. Enjoy classic pizzas such as clam pies,thin-crust, and white pies in traditional red-sauce restaurants. Also, explore the city’s more unusual options like pizzas featuring chorizo and jalapeños. Learn the history of each restaurant and the art of pizza-making. Enjoy your tour with a knowledgeable local guide who will tantalize your taste buds as you explore New Haven’s history and flavor.

Tour New Haven – America’s Pizza Capital

The New Haven Pizza Tour is an unforgettable journey through America’s pizza capital. Founded in 1784 by English settlers, New Haven is well known for its delicious and diverse pizza styles. Take a tour to experience the tastes, smells and stories of New Haven pizza.

Explore the Best Pizza Shops in New Haven

The New Haven Pizza Tour is the perfect way to explore the best pizza shops in the city. Visit such iconic stops as Sally’s Apizza and Pepe’s Pizza, the two locations that started the pizza revolution in New Haven. Sample authentic New Haven-style pizza on the tour, and learn the stories behind some of the city’s oldest and most beloved pizzerias.

A Different Take on Pizza

The tour offers a unique experience by combining the sights, smells and flavors of New Haven’s pizza culture. Visit neighborhood favorite Ernie’s Pizza and Bar, one of the first pizzerias to offer gluten-free pizzas. Take a stroll through Wooster Square to experience the sights and sounds of one of the city’s most historic and vibrant areas.

Enjoy Delicious Pizza on the Go

One of the best parts of the tour is that you can have your pizza to go. Indulge in some of the best pizza-to-go deals in New Haven, like the triple pizza slice from Bar and Board or one of New Haven’s legendary steamed burgers from Modern Apizza. You’ll be sure to leave with a full stomach and lasting memories.

Experience the Richest Pizza Culture in the Country

The New Haven Pizza Tour is an experience like no other. Enjoy the sights, smells and stories of America’s pizza capital. Explore the city’s wide range of pizza styles and delights, including:

  • Authentic New Haven-style pizza
  • Gluten-free and vegan pizzas
  • Legendary steamed burgers
  • Unique slices from Wooster Square pizzerias
  • Pizza-to-go offers from some of the best eateries

Experience New Haven’s pizza culture and make your next trip an unforgettable culinary journey. Sign up for the New Haven Pizza Tour today and discover the unique tastes, smells and stories of one of America’s oldest pizza cities.

Personal Experience

What is so special about New Haven pizza?

I recently took a New Haven Pizza Tour, which was a great way to get a taste of the various styles of pizza that this region has to offer. We visited four pizzerias that specialize in different styles. I was able to enjoy a variety of flavors and styles from Neapolitan, to New York, to Sicilian. My favorite of the four was a family-owned Neapolitan pizzeria that used fresh ingredients and had an intense flavor profile. The pizza was the best I’ve ever tasted, and I found the family atmosphere truly welcoming. The tour also provided us with a great introduction to New Haven’s diverse culture. We also got to spend time exploring the historic buildings and monuments in this interesting city.

I was very impressed with the knowledge of our tour guide. They were very knowledgeable about the pizza styles and the different techniques used to make them. It was great learning about the history of New Haven pizza and the history of each pizzeria we visited. I felt like I gained an appreciation for the intricacies and artistry that go into pizza making. I learned that pizza is more than just an assembly of ingredients, but it has an entire history and tradition associated with it.

I’m so glad that I had the opportunity to take a New Haven Pizza Tour. I tasted some amazing pizza and gained an appreciation for the craftsmanship that goes into making it. I could tell that the passionate people behind these pizzerias really love what they do. I would recommend the New Haven Pizza Tour to anyone looking for a unique and entertaining experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is so special about New Haven pizza?

New Haven-style pizza is special because of its distinctive thin, oblong crust, charring, chewy texture, and limited use of melting cheeses. It has a unique flavor and texture compared to other styles of pizza, and is considered a regional specialty of the city of New Haven, Connecticut. New Haven-style pizza is considered a true delicacy and has a dedicated fan following.

What do the locals of New Haven call the pizza?

In the city of New Haven, pizza is known as apizza. It has a special significance to the local populace, with the addition of the letter ‘a’ signifying the traditional Neapolitan dialect. Apizza is the beloved dish of choice of the locals of New Haven.

Is New Haven pizza World Famous?

Yes, New Haven’s pizza is world-famous. It is consistently ranked among the top pizza cities by national food experts and has been studied by historians. Additionally, a documentary was made about three of the Elm City’s pizza pillars, furthering its notoriety.

Does New Haven have the best pizza in America?

Yes, New Haven, Connecticut has the best pizza in America. Eater magazine declared the city home of some of the best pizza in the United States, naming the Pepe’s Pizza as the best of them all. CNN also named New Haven pizza as one of the top 12 pizzas to try in the United States. New Haven pizza is known for its thin crust and remarkable charred flavor.

Who invented New Haven pizza?

The invention of New Haven-style thin-crust pizza is credited to Frank Pepe, who opened his first pizzeria on Wooster Street in the 1920s. Pepe’s pizzeria flourished and his recipe for Neapolitan-style pizza baked in a coal-fired brick oven became popular and iconic within New Haven. Thus, Frank Pepe is credited with inventing New Haven pizza.

What is the original New Haven pizza?

The original New Haven Pizza is a style of pie made famous by Frank Pepe Pizzeria Napoletana. Located in New Haven, Connecticut, the pizzeria has been serving traditional Neapolitan style pizza since 1925, utilizing fresh and local ingredients. Pepe’s Pizza has become synonymous with New Haven pizza and is considered the original New Haven pizza.

Why is New Haven pizza called apizza?

New Haven pizza is called apizza because it was created by Neapolitan immigrants in the area, in a nod to their dialect. The pizza is characterized by a thin, crispy crust, topped with a simple sauce, and cheese. Apizza is one of the most popular and beloved styles of pizza in the US.

What is different about New Haven-style pizza?

New Haven-style pizza is distinct from other pizza styles due to its thin, oblong crust, charring, chewy texture, and limited use of melting cheeses. It is usually drier and thinner compared to traditional pizzas and often features a white or red sauce. The toppings are also usually limited, giving it a uniquely New Haven taste and texture.

What is the number 1 best pizza?

lito, Naples, Italy 2 Totonno’s, Brooklyn, NY 3 Bufala, Naples, Italy 4 Lou Malnati’s, Chicago, IL 5 Di Fara, Brooklyn, NY 6 John’s of Bleeker Street Pizzeria, New York, NY 7 Modesto, Lisbon, Portugal 8 Pizzeria Bianco, Phoenix, AZ 9 Gino Sorbillo, Naples, Italy 10 King Umberto, Elmont, NY

Final Thoughts

The New Haven Pizza Tour is an enjoyable and unforgettable way to explore the pizza capital of America. Not only will visitors get to sample some of the best pizza in the country, but they will also learn the story behind the craft and be immersed in the unique culture of New Haven. The tour includes a look at the history and process of crafting the perfect Neapolitan-style pizza, and is supplemented by an in-depth look at the unique ingredients and flavor profiles associated with the world-famous pie. The tasty experience is sure to leave an impression that will last a lifetime, as guests can mix, match, and create their own unique pizza creation that’ll be sure to tantalize the taste buds. Whether you’re a pizza aficionado, or just looking to treat yourself to a tasty adventure, the New Haven Pizza Tour is sure to provide the ultimate experience.