Jambo House Pool: An Unforgettable Swimming Experience

Calling all swimmers! Experience the best of aquatic activity at the Jambo House Pool. Relax and cool off with a refreshing dip in the crystal clear water, or take a few laps for a more challenging workout. It’s the perfect place for anyone who loves to take a dip in the pool.

Quick Summary

  Unforgettable Swimming at Jambo House Pool: A Unique Experience

Jambo House Pool: An Unforgettable Swimming Experience

Have you ever wanted an unforgettable swimming experience? Look no further than Jambo House swimming pool! We offer visitors a unique combination of a lap pool and relaxing leisure pool, each with views of our picturesque gardens. Our professional swimming instructors and certified lifeguards ensure you’ll feel safe in the water and can help you build your skills and confidence.

Choose from a variety of pool activities – regular lap swims, recreational swims, and one-on-one coaching. We have a wide selection of flotation devices, such as pool noodles and vests, to help everyone, no matter their age or experience, to get the most out of their time at the pool. With complimentary wifi and comfortable seating in our cafe area, you can truly make a day of it.

The Jambo House pool promises an unforgettable swimming experience. Whether you’re an experienced swimmer or just looking to cool off, we have something for you! Come take a dip and experience all that our pool has to offer.

Unforgettable Swimming at Jambo House Pool: A Unique Experience

Are you looking for an unforgettable swimming experience? At Jambo House Pool, a unique swimming experience awaits. Our pool is a perfect balance of aesthetic beauty and natural charm. Located in a lush setting, the Jambo House pool offers a size and depth suitable for swimmers of all ages and abilities.

Features of Jambo House Pool

  • Heated swimming pool.
  • Large area with plenty of activities
  • Custom-designed water slide.
  • Deep water lap swimming area.
  • Kid-friendly with shallow area.
  • Covered pergolas

The Jambo House pool features a custom-designed water slide, heated swimming pool, large sun deck, and deep water lap swimming area. There is plenty of activities, games and floats for the entire family. The pool is heated and cleaned regularly ensuring safe and clean swimming. And the pool is kid-friendly with the shallower area suitable for younger children.

Advantages of Jambo House Pool

  • Have a good time playing different games in the pool
  • Family bonding time as splash around
  • Lower stress levels, relax and release negative energy
  • Experience the thrill of making a big splash
  • Freshen up under the sun
  • Create forever-lasting memories with your family and friends
  • Swimming in Jambo House Pool can be an incredibly therapeutic experience. With its stunning tropical surroundings, it gives you a sense of calm and tranquility. You can enjoy lower stress levels, relax and release negative energy. Experience the thrill of making a big splash with your family and friends. Create forever-lasting memories and have a good time playing different games in the pool. Freshen up under the sun and enjoy some family bonding time as you splash around. Swimming in Jambo House Pool will surely leave you with an unforgettable experience.

    Visit the Jambo House Pool today for a unique swimming experience. Enjoy the wonderful view and make the most of your swimming holiday.

    Personal Experience

    Is the pool at Jambo House heated?

    I recently had the pleasure of visiting Jambo House Pool overlooking the stunning Serengeti in Tanzania. The setting was breathtaking with a captivating view of the African wilderness at sunset. The size of the pool was especially impressive – over one acre in length with an array of different depths, making it a great spot for both swimming and lounging. Even more alluring were its luxurious features, including an outdoor spa, gazebo, and plenty of seating options. Its staff was friendly and provided excellent service, helping to make my stay an absolute pleasure. All in all, Jambo House Pool is certainly a destination I will be recommending to family, friends, and visitors looking for a memorable and luxurious pool experience.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is the pool at Jambo House heated?

    Yes, the pool at Jambo House is heated. The pool, located inside Animal Kingdom Lodge, is heated year round, making it a great place to swim even during the cooler months. Guests can enjoy the massive Uzima pool any time of the year.

    Can Jambo guests use kidani pool?

    Yes, Jambo House guests can use the Samawati Springs Pool at Kidani during their visit. Guests can purchase a pass for access and enjoy the resort activities, relax by the pool and more. Both the Uzima Springs Pool at Jambo House and the Samawati Springs Pool at Kidani are available for guests to enjoy.

    Can you see animals from Jambo House?

    Yes, when staying at Jambo House, you can see animals from your room on the Arusha Savanna. There, you will witness majestic creatures like giraffes, Ankole cattle, zebras, and wildebeests. Enjoy a unique experience as you watch these animals meander around in their natural habitat.

    How many floors does Jambo House have?

    Jambo House, located in Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge Resort, is a five-story lodge that features thatched-roof guest-room wings that fan out from a central rotunda. This rotunda houses the lobby located on the ground floor. Therefore, Jambo House has a total of five floors.

    How many people does Animal Kingdom studio sleep?

    Animal Kingdom Studio can accommodate up to three guests, making it perfect for couples or small families. The studio features a queen bed and a full-size sleeper sofa, as well as a kitchenette and a private balcony. Additionally, a child under the age of 3 can sleep in a provided crib.

    Is Animal Kingdom Lodge and Jambo House the same?

    No, Animal Kingdom Lodge and Jambo House are not the same. Jambo House is part of the Animal Kingdom Lodge and is the original and larger of the two properties. It offers resort rooms as well as Vacation Club villas.

    Can you use kidani pool if staying at Jambo House?

    Yes, you can use Kidani Pool if staying at Jambo House. The pool is available exclusively to Disney’s Animal Kingdom Villas – Jambo House guests. Take a refreshing dip and enjoy spectacular views of the savanna as you relax in one of Orlando’s largest resort pools.

    Are there 2 bedroom villas at Jambo House?

    Yes, there are two bedroom villas available at Jambo House. Each two bedroom villa features two bedrooms, as well as a bathroom, kitchen and living area. Guests can enjoy a relaxing, comfortable stay with all the necessary amenities. With its stunning views and warm hospitality, Jambo House is the perfect destination for a memorable stay.

    How many people can stay in Animal Kingdom villa?

    The Animal Kingdom villa can accommodate up to five guests, plus one child under the age of three in a crib. This spacious villa features a fully equipped kitchen and a comfortable king-size bed in the master bedroom. With plenty of space for everyone, the villa is the perfect spot for a family vacation.

    How many bathrooms are in the animal kingdom 2 bedroom villa?

    In the Two Bedroom Club Level Suite, there are three bathrooms – two full bathrooms and one half bath. This suite also includes one king bed, two queen beds, and a queen pull-out sofa bed. This suite is perfect for families or groups looking for luxurious accommodations in the Animal Kingdom area.

    Final Thoughts

    Jambo House Pool offers a truly unforgettable swimming experience. Its wide range of exciting activities, family-friendly environment and attentive staff make it a great destination for everyone. The vast pool is kept clean and well-maintained, ensuring a good experience for all. The activities range from diving and snorkeling to lap swimming and diving lessons, making it one of the best places to spend an afternoon in the River District. With its pleasing atmosphere and fun activities, Jambo House Pool is sure to provide a memorable swimming experience for all.