Explore the Magic of the Disney Dream Cruise Ship

Explore the amazing world of Disney on the dream cruise ship, with unforgettable experiences and breathtaking views to be found inside Disney Dream Cruise Ship. From the moment you walk on board, you will be transported to a magical world of adventure, fun, and relaxation.

Quick Summary

  Experience the Wonder Inside the Disney Dream Cruise Ship

Experience the joy and wonder of a Disney Cruise aboard the Disney Dream! As one of the most luxurious and magical vessels at sea, the Disney Dream offers family-friendly onboard activities, spectacular entertainment, and first-class dining. Your family can explore the ship’s waterslides, go for nighttime swims in the pools and hot tubs, get creative in the Oceaneer Lab, and spin in the air on the AquaDunk. With Broadway-style live shows, first-run movies, glittering deck parties, and more, your family is sure to create plenty of magical memories. The Disney Dream is also home to a variety of unique experiences. Enjoy a special meal at the enchanting Royal Court Restaurant, relax at the adults-only Senses Spa, or dance the night away at the nighttime dance club. Plus, Disney Cruise Line guests can benefit from exclusive access to the Disney parks with Shore Excursions, perfect for exploring the offering of your chosen destination. From the beautiful staterooms to the world-class cuisine and spectacular entertainment, the Disney Dream Cruise Ship is sure to make your family’s next vacation unforgettable. So book your cruise today and explore the wonderment of the Disney Dream!

Experience the Wonder Inside the Disney Dream Cruise Ship

Unforgettable Memories with Family and Friends

From the moment you board the Disney Dream Cruise Ship, you and your family will be in awe of the spectacular features and magical experiences that the ship has to offer. With exclusive amenities and recreational activities, Disney Cruise Line has created the perfect environment aboard the Disney Dream to turn family vacation dreams into a reality.

Fun Activities and Attractions

  • Ride the AquaDuck water slide, a thrilling 765-foot-long slide with twists and turns, that extends out over the side of the ship and circles the top deck.
  • Splash around in the Mickey’s Pool, shaped like Mickey Mouse, or relax in Goofy’s Pool.
  • Watch your favorite films in a real movie theater, the Buena Vista Theatre, complete with popcorn and comfortable stadium seating.
  • Experience the interactive fun at the Oceaneer Club, perfect for the under-12 set, with access to the Oceaneer Lab attraction.
  • Take on interactive game challenges and play arcade classics at the Arcade at Sea.

Luxurious Entertainment and Fine Dining

Explore the chic, art deco style of the atrium lobby, the Enchanted Garden and the many whimsical alcoves aboard the ship. Treat yourself to world-class entertainment and award-winning, gourmet cuisine while dining in Animator’s Palate, Royal Palace, Enchanted Garden and Remy. The ship also features an incredible adults-only restaurant, Palo, available to adults dining without children, offering a romantic and luxurious experience.

A Scenic Adventure for the Whole Family

When you have your Disney Dream Cruise Ship adventure, you’ll come away with memories to cherish forever. Delight in breathtaking views of stunning islands and harbors as you sail towards paradise and explore the tropical island wilderness. From the beautiful beach in Nassau and private island retreat at Castaway Cay, to snorkeling in the Caribbean, there’s something for the whole family to enjoy.

A Truly Exceptional Disney Cruise

  • Experience the elegant charm of the Disney Dream Cruise Ship.
  • Enjoy thrilling attractions, life-changing Disney adventures, and tasty cuisine.
  • Embark on a scenic adventure while exploring the Caribbean with family and friends.
  • Soak up the onboard excitement of this one-of-a-kind Disney Cruise.

Personal Experience

What makes Disney Dream unique?

The Disney Dream cruise ship is an exploding bundle of magic and surprises. During my recent visit aboard one of its many voyages, I witnessed firsthand the sheer joy and enchantment guests experienced once stepping aboard. From the grand opening of the main lobby, to the delectable food served in the dining rooms, to the superstars of show business appearing in the stage shows, the Disney Dream promises its passengers a complete atmosphere of entertainment and fun.

Once an onboard guest, creativity and wonder flood its mini-sized streets as they cruise the ocean. Everything from the Enchanted Garden Restaurant to its specially designed water park provide guests with an overload of sensory delights. In the evenings, shows featuring amazing decorations, Disney character parades, and a variety of unique acts provide additional entertainment during meals or night caps.

Finally, the Disney Dream staff was an added bonus, since they truly made our stay a warm and inviting one. From the knowledgeable cast members at the restaurants to the friendly baristas in the cafes, each person was well-versed in the workings of the various facets of the cruise ship. And each and every crew member truly seemed to enjoy their jobs and going that extra mile to take care of their guests.

In conclusion, I couldn’t have asked for a better experience aboard the Disney Dream cruise ship. With its astounding variety of entertainment, customer service, and luxurious amenities, this experience definitely fulfilled my expectations of a dream vacation.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Disney Dream unique?

Disney Dream offers a unique experience combining Art Deco style with modern amenities. Staterooms, restaurants, and entertainment are all designed to offer a luxurious onboard experience. Onboard amenities include kids’ clubs, nightclubs, lounges, and theaters showcasing movies and live shows.

How many people can sail on the Disney Dream?

The Disney Dream can carry up to 4,000 passengers, allowing for double occupancy. This allows for a maximum of 2,500 people to really sail on the Disney Dream at any given time. Crew members add 1,458 to that number, bringing the total capacity to 4,500 people.

Do you tip waiters on Disney Cruise?

Yes, you should tip waiters on Disney Cruise. It is customary to recognize exceptional service with gratuity, and we recommend a gratuity amount of $14.50 USD per night, per stateroom Guest. This recommendation applies to infants and children as well.

When was the Disney Dream last refurbished?

The Disney Dream was last refurbished in 2020. Refurbishment began in late 2019 and was completed in 2020, bringing passengers upgraded features and amenities. This major refurbishment included new dining options, entertainment activities, and the incorporation of the latest technologies, ensuring travelers enjoy a truly magical cruise vacation.

Why do you decorate your door on a Disney Cruise?

Decorating your door on a Disney Cruise is an enjoyable way to personalize your experience and make your stateroom a home away from home. It’s also a great way to show your personality and add a special touch of fun, creativity and excitement to your vacation. Finally, it can serve as a fun way to identify your specific stateroom and help others locate you if needed.

How many people does the Disney Dream hold?

The Disney Dream cruise ship can hold up to 4,000 people. It has 1,250 staterooms, carries 2,500 passengers with double occupancy and also a crew of 1,458. In total, the Disney Dream can accommodate up to 4,000 people.

Final Thoughts

The Disney Dream Cruise Ship is one of the most captivating cruise ships on the seas today. From its top-notch amenities and carefully designed activities, to the stunningly beautiful ocean views, and friendly crew, you will be sure of an unforgettable experience. Exploring the magical world of the Disney Dream is a once in a lifetime opportunity. The experiences you will take away from this amazing ship will stay with you forever.