Disney Wonder Cruise Line: Dining & Restaurants

Experience the wonder of world-class cuisine at the renowned Disney Wonder restaurants. From family-friendly favorites to deck barbeques and fine dining, the Disney Wonder offers something for everyone. Enjoy the unique flavors of each restaurant, paired with an unforgettable view, on your next magical journey.

Quick Summary

  Disney Wonder Cruise Line Restaurants: Dining & Cuisine

Explore the magic of the Disney Wonder cruise line with a variety of on-board dining options. At Enchanted Garden, savor a magical meal in an ever-changing garden setting with breakfast and dinner menu options. Animator’s Palate provides a truly interactive dining experience with a discovery of lights, color and sound making each meal an unforgettable experience. For late-night snacks and deserts, Cabanas offers up delicious eats. Enjoy a fun, fast-food experience at Beach Blanket Buffet, with an ocean-side breakfast and multiple-course dinners. Don’t miss out on the unique premium dining experience at Palo, featuring northern Italian cuisine and mouthwatering selections. No matter the time of day, the Disney Wonder cruise line is sure to fuel your magical journey.

The Best Dining & Cuisine Experiences Aboard the Disney Wonder Cruise Line

Embarking on a Disney Wonder Cruise is an unforgettable experience that provides guests with magical moments and memories for a lifetime. The many amenities, activities, and entertainment options keep every guest entertained. But when it comes to food and dining, Disney Wonder Cruise Line has come up with a diverse selection of mouthwatering restaurants to please every palate. Read on to learn more about some of the best restaurants aboard the Disney Wonder Cruise Line.

Tiana’s Place Restaurant on the Disney Wonder

Tiana’s Place Restaurant is located on deck four of the Disney Wonder Cruise Ship and is inspired by the classic Disney movie The Princess and the Frog. Guests get to indulge in delicious New Orleans-style favorites like Jambalaya, Gumbo, Po’ Boy Sandwiches, Creole Steak and King Cakes with aromas of Southern spices wafting through the air. Finish off your meal with some divine Beignets – a classic New Orleans dessert.

Palo Restaurant on the Disney Wonder

For an elegant dining experience, head to Palo Restaurant, which is located on deck ten of the Disney Wonder Cruise Ship. The menu here consists of flavorful Northern Italian dishes cooked to perfection. Guests can select from delectable appetizers and decadent desserts, like the popular Chocolate Soufflé or Limoncello Tartufo. Palo Restaurant also offers extensive wine and cocktail options to satisfy every taste.

Animation Magic on the Disney Wonder

Animation Magic is the perfect spot to dive into Disney fun. Located on deck four of the Disney Wonder Cruise Ship, this fun-filled restaurant features character experiences with many of your favorite Disney characters like Mickey Mouse, as well as a dance party and live entertainment. The restaurant also offers an extensive all-you-care-to-enjoy menu with lots of delicious choices, like savory Hamburgers, BBQ Baby Back Ribs, and light and fluffy Mac ‘n Cheese.

Remy on the Disney Wonder

Remy is a haute French restaurant aboard the Disney Wonder Cruise Line, located on deck eleven. The menu here consists of fine French delicacies like Escargot, Lobster Thermidor, Seared Duck Breast and Chocolate Decadence Cake. To make sure every guest enjoys their meal, alcoholic beverages and specialty cocktails are also available here.

Food & Beverage Options at the Disney Wonder Cruise Line

In addition to the specialty restaurants listed above, there are plenty of food and beverage options available aboard the Disney Wonder Cruise Line. Whether you’re looking for a quick pick-me-up snack or a full-course meal spread, you’ll find it here. Some options include the Big Al’s Sports Deck, Cabanas, Cove Café, and the Topsider Buffet.

Now that you know all about the amazing dining and cuisine experiences available aboard the Disney Wonder Cruise Line, it’s time to get ready for your magical journey. With all these delicious restaurants on board, you can be sure that your Disney Wonder Cruise is going to be an unforgettable culinary adventure.

Personal Experience

How many restaurants are on the Disney Wonder?

I have the pleasure of personally experiencing the Disney Wonder Restaurant firsthand. I had a romantic dinner for two that absolutely blew my mind! The restaurant featured an amazing selection of traditional foods at a very reasonable price. The ambiance was perfect, from the decor to the warm, inviting staff. The food was delicious too, with a variety of appetizers, entrees, and desserts that could not be beat.

The restaurant had something for everyone. From juicy steaks to fresh made pastas, to delicious seafood and a full wine selection, the possibilities seemed endless. Everything was cooked to perfection and each plate was more than enough to fill us up. We had amazing service and the very knowledgeable staff was happy to answer all of your questions. The experience was truly an unforgettable one.

I highly recommend the Disney Wonder Restaurant for anyone looking to have a great time while dining out. It truly is a world-class experience that cannot be matched. I cannot wait to go back and see what else this restaurant has to offer.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many restaurants are on the Disney Wonder?

There are three restaurants on the Disney Wonder: Animator’s Palate, Tiana’s Place, and Captain’s Grille. Animator’s Palate offers a changing menu, while Tiana’s Place serves up Cajun and Creole classics. Captain’s Grille serves traditional American fare. All three restaurants offer an always-available menu of grilled sirloin steak, roast chicken breast, and baked salmon.

What are the three restaurants on the Disney Wonder?

The three restaurants on the Disney Wonder are Tiana’s Place, Animators Palate, and Tritons. Tiana’s Place offers Louisiana inspired cuisine in a classic New Orleans setting. Animators Palate serves up a variety of themed offerings, with guests inspired by films. Finally, Tritons serves up seafood and classic cuisine, perfect for a romantic dinner.

Is food included on Disney Wonder?

Yes, food is included on the Disney Wonder cruise. All meals such as breakfast and some snacks are included in the price. Additional meals such as wines, beverages and snack packages come with an additional fee.

Is food free in wonder of the seas?

Yes, food is free in Wonder of the Seas. All cruisers have access to the complimentary main dining room and Windjammer buffet, as well as a variety of additional restaurants and bars. Specialty restaurants provide a menu of delicious options offering a variety of cuisine, all included in the cruise package.

Can you skip rotational dining on a Disney cruise?

No, you cannot skip rotational dining on a Disney cruise. All rotational dining options are mandatory during your voyage, so you will miss out on the restaurants included in your rotation. However, you can customize your dining experience by choosing from a selection of alternative venues available onboard.

What does rotational dining mean on Disney?

Rotational dining on Disney Cruise Line means that guests will visit each of the 3 themed restaurants during their voyage. This ensures that guests get to experience each of the distinct dining options available while enjoying a cruise on Disney. The menus in each of the dining options are designed to meet the tastes and preferences of all kinds of guests.

Do you have to sit with other people for dinner on a cruise?

No, you don’t have to sit with other people for dinner on a cruise. Cruise ships provide plenty of opportunities for solo and couples dining. It’s easy to request your preferred seating arrangement ahead of time. You can choose to dine with strangers or have a private dinner, whichever you prefer.

How do you find the dining rotation on a Disney cruise?

To find your dining rotation on a Disney Cruise, start by downloading the Disney Cruise Line Navigator app. Alternatively, check your Key to the World cards for a printed version of your dining times and rotation. Both these options will provide you with a clear outline of your onboard dining plan.

How many times can you eat on a Disney Cruise?

The answer is that you can eat up to three times each day on a Disney Cruise. You have access to a variety of restaurants, including rotational dining, and are able to choose from many different cuisine options. Each day there are two dinner seatings with times varying based on the itinerary.

Is there a buffet on Disney Wonder?

Yes, there is a buffet on Disney Wonder. It’s located on Deck 9 in Cabanas and offers a variety of items, no longer self-serve. Additionally, Triton’s on Deck 3 midship provides an a la carte dining option.

Final Thoughts

The Disney Wonder Cruise Line has earned its reputation for excellence in dining and restaurant services. From specialty restaurants, room service, and diverse buffet options, there are delicious choices for everyone—young or old. With such a variety of cuisine, both traditional and unique, Disney Wonder Cruise Line has truly earned its board red carpet treatment. From the attentive service to the culinary presentation, Disney Wonder Cruise Line has certainly set the stage for a truly magical cruising experience.