Disney Cruise: Luggage Tags – Get Yours Today!

Planning a magical Disney cruise vacation? Make sure your luggage tags stand out with personalized Disney Cruise Luggage Tags! Personalizing a luggage tag with your name, destination, and other personalized information creates an extra layer of protection for your belongings and provides a fun way to recognize your baggage when you arrive at your destination. Make your Disney cruise even more special with these unique and personalized luggage tags!

Quick Summary

  Disney Cruise Luggage Tags: Get Yours Today!

Disney Cruise Line Luggage Tags are essential for any family cruising vacation. Identify your luggage with unique, colorful tags featuring classic Disney characters! Easily spot your suitcases at the carousel, port or dock with your favorite characters: Cinderella, Mickey, Goofy and more. You can save time and get your Disney luggage tags today and be ready for your next Disney cruise vacation!

Set yourself apart from the rest and customize your cruise vacation experience with Disney Cruise Line Luggage Tags. Featuring iconic characters, these colorful tags make your luggage stand out and make it easier to locate it among a sea of suitcases. Don’t wait for your tags to arrive in the mail; get your Disney Cruise Line Luggage tags today and be prepared for a magical family adventure on the high seas!

Disney Cruise Luggage Tags: Get Yours Today!

Going on a Disney Cruise? Don’t forget your cruise luggage tags! Everyone needs to have one; luggage tags are an important safety and travel requirement for your Disney Cruise. But, it’s not just a necessary travel document; you can also get creative and make your luggage tags truly yours.

Why You Should Get Disney Cruise Luggage Tags

Cruise luggage tags are designed to stand out and make it easier to identify your bags on the ship and in port. Additionally, labeling your bags will ensure that your bags are transported from the point of embarkment to your stateroom and back without incurring any damage or switching with someone else’s bags.

  • Labels make it easy for crew to identify and deliver your luggage.
  • You can make them fun and show off your own style.
  • Luggage tags protect your bags.

Why You Should Get Disney Cruise Luggage Tags Now

What sets Disney Cruise luggage tags apart from the ordinary tags is the ability to customize with your name and cruise information. Disney Cruise Luggage Tags are glossy, hardy and reusable. They come with a durable elastic to keep them secure and can be updated with a new cruise before each voyage.

  • They are designed to stand out.
  • They feature your name and cruise information.
  • They come with durable elastic.
  • So don’t forget to get your Disney Cruise Luggage Tags today. Showcase your own style and enjoy a worry-free and fun Disney Cruise experience.

    Personal Experience

    Does Disney Cruise still mail luggage tags?

    I have taken various Disney Cruise trips in the past, and one key thing that I always bring is my luggage tags! For anyone who may not know, luggage tags are used to personalize the luggage that you bring with you on the cruise. For example, I have Disney themed luggage tags with my name and information displayed on them. Having luggage tags helps to keep luggage safe, especially since it is more easily identifiable. On top of this, having a Disney themed luggage tag adds an extra layer of Disney magic to the cruise experience. Not only do they let everyone know that you are on board the Disney Cruise Line, they are also a great way to show pride in your vacation and remember it afterwards.

    My personal favorite place to buy Disney Cruise luggage tags are the Disney Cruise Line stores. Here they make custom luggage tags with your family name, or individual names with the option of adding a photo. The tags themselves are made of strong, durable material, with a solid Disney logo on them. They also come in a variety of colors, allowing you to really make your luggage stand out. And best of all, the price for this type of tag is very budget friendly.

    Having a luggage tag is a smart decision when going on a Disney Cruise and I can confidently say that if I am ever going on a Disney Cruise again, a great luggage tag will definitely be in my suitcase. Everyone should make sure their holiday starts off on the right foot by using a colorful and quality Disney Cruise Luggage Tag.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Does Disney Cruise still mail luggage tags?

    Yes, Disney Cruise Line still mails luggage tags to guests prior to sailing. Guests will receive two tags per person in their Guest Travel Booklet or Luggage Tag Folder. By having these tags, guests will be able to easily find their luggage while on the cruise.

    Does Disney Cruise search your luggage?

    Yes, Disney Cruise searches your luggage. All guests are required to pass through metal detectors and have their luggage scanned by an x-ray machine. There is no need to separate items into different containers or be limited in the amount of luggage you bring.

    Do you need to print cruise luggage tags in color?

    No, printing cruise luggage tags in color is not necessary. All that is required is that the tags are affixed to the baggage prior to arrival at the terminal. Extra tags are available at curbside from the porter.

    What size are Disney Cruise luggage tags?

    Disney Cruise Line luggage tags are rectangular and measure 3.5 inches long by 2.25 inches wide. The tags have a loop that can be used to attach the tag to handles or zippers and feature placards for writing your contact information and cruise details. They also have slots for a standard sized business card or similar size ID card.

    How do you secure a luggage tag on a cruise?

    Secure a luggage tag on a cruise by looping the luggage tag **** around the suitcase handle, adhering the ends together with clear packing tape, and double-checking to make sure the tag is secure.

    Is there a weight limit for Disney Cruise luggage?

    Yes, there is a weight limit for Disney Cruise luggage. Each guest is allowed to check two bags of up to 50 pounds each, and may bring one bag and one personal item on board. Excess baggage and items over the weight limit will incur additional charges.

    Does Disney Cruise check your luggage?

    Yes, Disney Cruise Line does check your luggage. You can check in up to two suitcases per person with the luggage porters at the port when you embark on your cruise. These suitcases will then be delivered to your stateroom when you board the ship.

    Do cruise ships search your luggage?

    Yes, cruise ships conduct searches of guests’ luggage. These searches are conducted to ensure the safety of all passengers and are standard practice in accordance with security policies. It is important to be aware of any luggage restrictions ahead of time and to prepare accordingly.

    What size suitcase is best for a cruise?

    The ideal size suitcase for a cruise is one that is small enough to fit underneath the bed, yet large enough to carry all your essentials. Look for a suitcase measuring no more than 27 inches in length, 15 inches in width and 12 inches in height – this should be plenty of room to store your items while keeping the suitcase lightweight. Soft-sided luggage is more suitable as it can fit easily into limited storage spaces.

    Final Thoughts

    Disney Cruise Lines offers its passengers free luggage tags with every purchase, making the process of traveling even more exciting. There is no need to worry about forgetting which suitcase is yours, thanks to the colorful and unique design of the tags. They are perfect for helping travelers create lasting memories of their adventures on the open sea. With its commitment to convenience and style, Disney Cruise Lines has once again proved that it is the leader in providing world-class cruise experiences. So, get your luggage tags today to complete your ultimate Disney cruise experience!