Disney Coronado Springs Pool: Swimming and Relaxing at Disney World

The stunning Disney Coronado Springs Pool is a tropical paradise and the perfect place to cool off on your visit to Disney! Glistening waters, swaying palm trees, and picturesque views make the Disney Coronado Springs Pool a paradise for the whole family to enjoy. Come experience the magic of a Disney vacation and make lasting memories at the Disney Coronado Springs Pool!

Quick Summary

 Disney Coronado Springs Pool: Swimming & Relaxing at Disney World - Keyword Disney Coronado Springs Pool

Experience a tranquil swimming retreat at the pool of Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort. Set in a peaceful, Spanish-colonial inspired atmosphere, the beautiful outdoor pool features a bridge, sandy beach, hot tub, fountains, and a children’s wading pool. There’s enough to keep everyone entertained, from splashing around and having fun in the sun, to lounging and relaxation.

The large main pool is the perfect spot for swimming and soaking up the Florida sun. Enjoy a refreshing dip, while you admire your scenic surroundings, taking a moment to appreciate the Mayan pyramid and Aztec-inspired structures. Enjoy a snack or beverage at the pool bar, lounge chair with your favorite book, or take a stroll around the large stone bridge and explore the pool grounds.

The kid’s pool area is an exciting spot for younger members of the family to splash around and have fun. Shoot some water down one of their water slides, or explore their poolside playground. Relax by the pool and let the kids have some watery fun. With a mix of splashing in the pool and relaxing in the sun – Disney’s Coronado Springs pool is the ideal place for a memorable family vacation.

Disney Coronado Springs Pool: Swimming and Relaxing at Disney World

The Disney Coronado Springs pool at Disney World is the perfect place for a day of relaxation and swimming. Located in the beautiful Coronado Springs Resort, the pool offers a variety of amenities from a lively pool party area to a quiet relaxation zone. From endless activities and entertainment to a peaceful, comfortable space to lounge around, Disney Coronado Springs Pool is the perfect place to spend a day or night.

Swimming Pool Options at Disney Coronado Springs

The pool area of Disney Coronado Springs offers a range of swimming pool choices:

  • Maya Pool – This lively pool is located in the center of Disney Coronado Springs, offering breathtaking views of the lagoon. It features a 135-foot slide, interactive games, wading pool, and plenty of seating.
  • Tormenta Pool – This serene spot is located near the resort’s main entrance and is perfect for those who prefer a peaceful spot for lounging and relaxation. With plenty of seating and complimentary lounge chairs and umbrellas, Tormenta Pool is the ideal place to take in some stunning views.
  • Pez Tolteca Pool – The Pez Tolteca Pool is dedicated to giving guests a unique experience for swimming and relaxation. With a large pool and hot tub, this pool area also includes interactive water features, a sunning area, and plenty of lounge chairs and umbrellas.

Activities and Entertainment at Disney Coronado Springs Pool

The Disney Coronado Springs pool is a great place to spend a day or night with family and friends. Offering a variety of activities and entertainment, the pool is perfect for a day of fun. With music, games, and plenty of food and refreshments, this is an ideal spot for making memories.

  • Pool Party – Every evening the pool turns into a festive celebration for all ages. With a DJ and poolside games, this is the perfect place to gather with family and friends.
  • Movies at the Pool – On select nights throughout July and August, the pool area will be transformed into an outdoor theater, featuring classic Disney movies.
  • Poolside Barbecue – On select nights, the pool turns into a barbecue where guests can enjoy fresh seafood, salads, and burgers. With kid-friendly options, there is something for everyone.

Relaxation Areas at Disney Coronado Springs Pool

The pool area of Disney Coronado Springs is the perfect place for relaxation and rejuvenation. With plenty of seating, loungers, and umbrellas, this is the ideal place to spend a day or night soaking up the sun. For those looking for a private spot to relax and enjoy the views, the pool area also features a selection of cabanas.

  • Tranquility Pool – This relaxing spot is located near the resort’s main entrance and is perfect for those looking to take a dip and relax in the sun.
  • Family Cabanas – These spacious cabanas provide ample seating for up to five people and include TVs, air conditioning and charging ports for added convenience.
  • VIP Cabanas – These exclusive cabanas feature a private outdoor patio, a range of amenities, and discounts on food and beverages at nearby restaurants.
  • Personal Experience

    How deep is the pool at Coronado Springs?

    I have recently had the pleasure of visiting the beautiful Disney Coronado Springs pool. My family and I had a wonderful time exploring the pool and all the attractions it offers. The pool is enormous with plenty of lounge chairs and cabanas available for lounging in the sun. We couldn’t help but be amazed by the stunning tiled castle in the middle of the pool. It was breathtaking!

    The Disney Coronado Springs pool also offers a full range of activities. We swam, played water basketball, lounged in the hot tub, and explored the water slides. The area also included a lazy river, a game area, and a huge sandy beach area with plenty of umbrellas and shaded seating. We were very impressed with all that the pool had to offer.

    We also enjoyed the fact that the Disney Coronado Springs pool was incredibly clean and well maintained. The lifeguards were very attentive and helped ensure that everyone was safe. The staff was friendly and happy to help with any questions we had. We felt very well taken care of during our stay.

    Overall, I had an amazing time visiting the Disney Coronado Springs pool. My family and I enjoyed spending time in such a beautiful and luxurious location. The pool has definitely earned its place among the premier vacation spots in Florida. I’d highly recommend it to anyone looking for a great place to stay while visiting Disney World.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How deep is the pool at Coronado Springs?

    The pool at Coronado Springs is between 3 feet 6 inches (1.1m) and 4 feet 9 inches (1.4m) deep. It is heated to 82°F (28°C) year-round. So, the pool at Coronado Springs is fairly shallow.

    How many people can stay at Coronado Springs?

    Coronado Springs Resort can accommodate up to four people plus one child under age three in a crib. There are three types of rooms available – Standard, Preferred and Waterview – each with the same capacity of four people. The maximum number of people that can stay at Coronado Springs is five.

    What time do the pools close at Coronado Springs?

    The pools at Disney’s Coronado Springs close at midnight at the Dig Site and 10 p.m. at the quiet pools. With extended hours for the Dig Site, Coronado Springs has plenty of opportunities for swimming and other activities.

    What is a preferred room at Coronado Springs?

    A Preferred Room at Coronado Springs is a room located in the Casitas buildings 1, 2, or 3 that provides a Standard View. It is conveniently close to El Centro and boasts views of the lush landscapes.

    Can you request a microwave at Coronado Springs?

    Yes, you can request a microwave at Coronado Springs. To do this, please contact the front desk. The resort team is available to help provide guests with the necessary appliances and any other requests during your stay.

    Where are Coronado preferred rooms?

    Preferred rooms at Coronado are located in three Casitas – 1, 2 and 3 – which are very close to the main building. These rooms offer convenient access to the main attractions, activities, and amenities that make Coronado a great place to stay. To find the perfect place to rest your head, look no further than Coronado’s preferred rooms located in Casitas 1, 2, and 3.

    How many people does Coronado Springs sleep?

    Coronado Springs Resort offers a variety of room options for groups, families, and individuals. Some rooms can sleep up to 8 people, providing plenty of space and comfort for larger groups or families. In total, Coronado Springs can sleep up to 8 people.

    Are the pools at Coronado Springs heated?

    Yes, the pools at Coronado Springs are heated. The temperature is maintained at a comfortable 82F/28C throughout the year. All pools are heated, making them accessible during winter and other colder months.

    Does Disney heat their pools?

    Yes, Disney heats their pools all year round. All Disney World resort and park pools are kept at a comfortable 82 degrees, so they’re always ready for a refreshing swim. Even on a cold day in January, the water temperature will still be warm.

    Final Thoughts

    Disney Coronado Springs Pool offers one of the best swimming and relaxation experiences at Disney World. With shady cabanas and a quiet, family-friendly atmosphere, the pool is perfect for swimming and enjoying the Florida sunshine. The tropical oasis also offers poolside dining, entertainment, and an array of daily activities to keep you entertained. With its bright and inviting atmosphere, Disney Coronado Springs is perfect for a fun and relaxing daycation. Whether you’re visiting with your family, friends, or just looking to soak up some sun, Disney Coronado Springs Pool is a great location for a getaway.