25 Cool Things to Bring on a Cruise Vacation

As you start to plan for your cruise, think about bringing some cool things to make the experience truly unique. From unique souvenirs to high-tech gadgets, these cool things you bring on a cruise will make the vacation even more enjoyable and memorable.

Quick Summary

  25 Unique and Cool Items to Bring on a Cruise Vacation

Cruising offers a great opportunity for vacationers to explore new places and have a lot of fun. But, making sure you have everything you need on board can be tricky. To make the most of your cruise vacation, here are 25 cool things to bring on board:

1.Comfy Clothes: Pack light and comfy clothes that you can mix and match. You’ll need casual outfits for the day and more formal clothing for the nights.

2.Travel Mug: Fill it with coffee, tea or any other beverage of choice throughout the day. That way, you’ll save money and won’t have to rush around to get one on-board.

3.Memory Card or Pendrive: Use these to store and back-up any pictures or videos you may take while on board. That way, you won’t risk missing a single memory from your trip.

4.Personal Toiletries: Don’t rely on what’s available on-board, make sure you have what you need with you. From razors and makeup to shampoo and toothpaste.

5.A Good Book to Read: Unwind and relax with your favorite book or magazine on the deck. This can be the perfect activity while at sea or on shore.

6.Powerbank: You can never have enough power while on board. Whether it is your phone, tablet or laptop, a powerbank ensures you always stay connected.

7.Snacks: If you get hungry in between meals, make sure you have some snacks along with you. Pack snacks that don’t require refrigeration like energy bars and chips.

8.Mini Speaker: Enjoy your music and videos wherever you go on-board. Small, portable speakers make a great choice for ship life activities.

9.Swimwear: Pack a few swimsuits to enjoy the ship’s pools and hot tubs, as well as different water activities available on the cruise.

10.Photocopies of Important Documents: Just in case, make sure you have photocopies of your identification documents and passport.

11.Cash: Depending on your itinerary, different currencies may come in handy. Also, don’t forget to carry the extra cash you’ll need for tips.

12.Hairbrush & Dryer: They take up very little space and come in handy when you want to look your best. Also, bring a few hairbands and clips for bad hair days.

13.Biodegradable Sunscreen: Although sunscreens are provided on board, investing in a biodegradable sunscreen helps protect the environment.

14.Reusable Water Bottle: Refill it throughout the day instead of buying bottled water from the ship. You save both the environment and your wallet.

15.Prescription Medicines: Don’t forget your regular medications and make sure you have enough for the length of your cruise.

16.Tablets: Whether you need to stay connected or just find a way to pass your free time on board, tablets are a great way to keep yourself occupied.

17.Sunhat & Sunglasses: Protect your eyes and face from the sun with the right accessories. You can find stylish ones that match your outfits.

18.Binoculars: Nothing beats some amazing views and what better way to observe than with a nice pair of binoculars. Bring extra batteries too.

19.Travel Adapter: You don’t want to be without your gadgets, so make sure you bring the right plug adapter for the countries you’ll be visiting.

20.Reading Light: It’s always handy to have a good reading light, so that you can read that new book late into the night.

21.Umbrella: Cruises take you to places with unpredictable weather. So, make sure you have an umbrella for the occasional rain.

22.Mosquito Repellant: Don’t let pesky mosquitos ruin the cruise fun. If your destination is prone to them, carry a good mosquito repellant.

23.Outlet Extender: With all the gadgets you’ll need to charge, bring a few outlet extenders to make sure you still have enough space to plug in everything.

24.Day Pack: A nice day pack can carry all your essentials while you explore the different ports. Make sure it’s collapsible and fits inside your suitcase.

25.Camera: Capture all the moments of your cruise vacation and make long-lasting memories with a decent camera. Don’t forget to bring appropriate lenses.

Unique and Cool Items to Bring on a Cruise Vacation

If you’re wondering what cool things to bring on a cruise, you have landed the right place. A cruise vacation can be an unforgettable experience but to make it truly special and memorable, it pays to be prepared. Being prepared isn’t just about packing the essentials, it’s also about making sure that you bring things that you need and want, but also a few unique and fun items for the ultimate cruise vacation experience.

So what can you do to make your next cruise vacation a truly unique experience? Here is the list of 25 unique and cool items to bring on a cruise:

1. Snorkel Gear

Depending on the cruise itinerary, you may be stopping at different ports where there are amazing beaches. If that’s the case, it pays to bring snorkel gear to take advantage of these amazing underwater experiences.

2. Kayak

If you’re looking to explore the coastline, you can bring a portable kayak. There are many types of inflatable kayaks available for sale that are perfect for this purpose.

3. Waterproof Speaker

What better way to liven yourself up and get into the groove than to bring a waterproof speaker to the ship deck? Choose a battery-powered speaker so you can take it anywhere and listen to your favorite tunes anytime.

4. Waterproof Camera

Cruises offer plenty of opportunities to capture stunning photos. To make sure you never miss on, make sure to bring a waterproof camera. Now you can take breathtaking photos even when you’re snorkeling or kayaking.

5. Portable Telescopes and Binoculars

Long cruises offer plenty of time to enjoy beautiful starlit skies and stunning vistas while sailing. To make the most of these moments, bring a portable telescope or binoculars to take in the views.

6. Underwater Camera

If you want to capture stunning photos of the stunning coral and sea animals, it’s worth bringing an underwater camera. You don’t need to buy an expensive one but make sure you buy an HD one that can take good quality photos.

7. Portable Fire Pit

To make your evenings in the cruiser enjoyable and memorable, bring a portable fire pit. It’s lightweight, easy to set up and will liven up your evenings. Just make sure to follow all onboard fire safety regulations.

8. Portable BBQ Grill

The BBQ is the go-to way to enjoy the classic cruise dinner experience. Make yours stand out with a portable BBQ grill. Most BBQ grills are lightweight and easy to bring anywhere, allowing you to customize your dinner experience.

9. Travel Games

No need to feel bored during your cruise. Bring along entertaining travel games like UNO or Pictionary. They are lightweight and perfect for group entertainment or for a fun night alone.

10. Kindle

If you’re a reader, then you will want to bring your Kindle. Buying books can be expensive and can take up space in your luggage. With the kindle, you can bring your entire library without taking too much space.

<****. Sunglasses

A must-have item when traveling to a sunny place. Make sure you bring sunglasses to protect your eyes from the harsh sun and also to protect from the glare when sailing.

12. Beach Towel

When swimming or lounging on the beach, make sure to bring a beach towel for convenience. You can also bring a couple of towels for group activities or for drying up after a wet adventure.

13. Yoga mat

Yoga is a great way to unwind after a long day aboard. Don’t forget to bring your yoga mat and some comfortable clothes to make the most out of this relaxing experience.

14. Swiss Army Knife


A Swiss Army Knife is a must have tool during a cruise. It comes with multiple tools that can be useful in different situations. Make sure to read the cruise guidelines so you know what type of knives are allowed.

15. Portable Solar Charger

Keeping your energy bank up is essential when out on a cruise. Don’t forget to bring a portable solar charger to keep your devices powered up and avoid any battery-related hiccups.

16. Tow Light/flag

Make sure to bring a tow light or flag that can be easily visible from the boat. That way, it will be easier for the captain to identify your position if he needs to.

17. Multi-tool

A multi-tool can be invaluable in times of need. You don’t need to buy an expensive one, but it pays to have a pocket-sized multi-tool to help address any mechanical problem with the boat.

18. Powerbank

It’s good to have a lot of options when needing to charge your phone or device, so don’t forget to bring a powerbank. Make sure to buy one with a large capacity so you can charge your devices multiple times.

19. Deck of Playing Cards

Playing cards is a timeless activity that can be easily played with two or more people. Bring a deck of cards for a great time with your friends.

20. Portable Hammock

To make the most out of your time, bring a hammock. They are lightweight, easy to set up and perfect for afternoon naps. Make sure to bring the appropriate ropes and carabiners to set it up.

21. Go Pro

If you want to bring amazing underwater videos and photos, make sure to bring a GoPro. They are perfect for underwater shots and can work without needing to be in a casing. Just make sure to buy the appropriate accessories.

22. Insulated Cooler Bag

A great way to keep your food and drinks cold and fresh is by bringing an insulated cooler bag. It’s a must-have item when going out for a day of snorkeling or kayaking.

23. Shade Hat

The sun can be strong and relentless, so make sure to pack a wide-brimmed hat to protect your head from the scorching heat.

24. Portable Fridge

The convenience of having cold drinks throughout the day cannot be understated. With a portable fridge, you can keep your drinks and food cold and enjoy them anytime.

25. Insect Repellent

A cruise vacation could easily be derailed by pesky insects. Make sure to bring quality insect repellent to prevent any pesky mosquito or other insect bite.

Personal Experience

What is fun to bring on a cruise?

Cruise ships are becoming more popular as people are looking for travel experiences that entertain, challenge, and invigorate them. Going on a cruise can open up a world of possibilities for you, but you want to make sure that you make the most of your time and experience. So, what cool things can you bring on a cruise to make your experience even more enjoyable? Here are some ideas.

The first thing you should think about is the essentials. Make sure your medical kit is fully stocked and that you have everything you need to stay safe and healthy while on a cruise. You should also bring sunscreen, a hat, and comfortable walking shoes. These items will make your cruising experience more enjoyable and help protect you at the same time.

For entertainment on board the ship, you may want to bring books, magazines, games, a laptop or other electronics. Listening to your favorite music can also put you in the right mood for your voyage. If you’re interested in cultural experiences, you can even bring a camera or camcorder so you can document your trip.

Finally, don’t forget to grab your swimsuit, pajamas, and other items that make your cruise comfortable and fun. Bring items that make your cruise feel like a real vacation, with all the comforts of being at home.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is fun to bring on a cruise?

Bringing fun items to a cruise can be a great way to make the experience even more enjoyable. Items such as glowsticks, printed t-shirts, and door decorations can help bring a fun and adventurous vibe to the ship. Cruise-themed travel mugs and cups also make great souvenirs.

What should you not forget to take on a cruise?

When packing for a cruise, it is important not to forget to bring a sweater or light jacket, an emergency contact list, identification, swimming gear, sunscreen, and comfortable walking shoes. Essential toiletries such as toothpaste and shampoo should also be included in the list. Medicines and medications, cash, and a power bank are also essential to bring. Lastly, don’t forget to bring your camera, so you can take as many memories as possible.

How do you make a cruise fun?

To make a cruise fun, try engaging in activities such as going on shore excursions, attending shows, hitting the pool as well as lounging with a drink, joining social events and participating in onboard activities like game shows and trivia. Take advantage of the amenities like spas and fitness centers. Enjoy the flavors on board and dine in a variety of restaurants. Get to know fellow passengers and crew members and make new friends.

How many outfits do I need for a 7 day cruise?

For a 7-day cruise, it is recommended to bring enough clothing for at least 4 formal or semi-formal nights, plus 3-4 casual outfits for the other days, as well as swimwear and comfortable shoes for days at sea. Additionally, if the cruise includes a themed night you may need to bring extra attire for that event. Taking all of this into account, you should plan to bring 10-12 outfits for a 7-day cruise.

What should you not bring on a cruise?

You should not bring any firearms or ammunition, sharp objects such as knives or scissors, or illegal ****s or substances on a cruise. Not adhering to this policy may lead to prohibitions or legal associated ramifications while on board the cruise ship. For your safety, review the cruise line’s list of prohibited items before packing for your trip.

What actions get you kicked off a cruise?

– Actions that can get you kicked off a cruise ship include: failing to present required documentation or identification; engaging in illegal activities; bringing aboard prohibited items, such as weapons or ****s; exhibiting disruptive and/or offensive behavior; consuming or selling alcohol to minors; failing to adhere to safety rules; violating dress code; and causing physical, mental or financial harm to others.

Do cruises search your bags?

Yes, cruises do search passengers’ bags. All items in the bags must comply with the cruise line’s policy, and luggage is screened for security purposes. This is to ensure the safety and security of all guests on the cruise.

Do cruises carry condoms?

Yes, cruises carry condoms. Six of the leading cruise lines, including Royal Caribbean, Norwegian Cruise Line, MCS Cruises, Holland America, Disney and Crystal Cruises, were surveyed and found to be stocking them. If you’re wondering about a particular cruise line, it’s best to check with the cruise operator for further information.

Can I bring a 12 pack of soda on Royal Caribbean?

Yes, you can bring a 12 pack of soda on Royal Caribbean. Non-alcoholic beverages such as soda and other drinks are allowed up to a maximum of 12 standard (17 oz.) cans, bottles, or cartons per stateroom. Milk and distilled water can also be brought on board for infant, medical, or dietary use.

How much do you tip a waiter on Royal Caribbean?

The recommended tip for a waiter on Royal Caribbean is 18%, which is automatically added to all beverages, mini bar items, and spa & salon purchases. Therefore, it is appropriate to leave an additional gratuity to recognize the excellent service provided by the waiter. As a guideline, 15-20% of the total bill is a customary gratuity for service in the cruise industry.

Final Thoughts

No matter what your vacation style is, there is always something fun and exciting to do and bring with you on a cruise vacation. With 25 cool things you can bring with you, you can make your cruise experience even more special and memorable. From delicious snacks, games and music to useful gadgets, you can make sure to pack all the items that will make your trip enjoyable and comfortable while allowing yourself to relax, have fun, and make the most of your trip.