Best Mini Golf Courses on Cape Cod

Looking for the best mini golf on Cape Cod? Look no further! Whether you’re a pro or a first-timer, the area offers a wide variety of exciting courses for you to enjoy, with plenty of challenging obstacles and picturesque views.

Quick Summary

  Best Mini Golf Courses on Cape Cod: Find the Best Cape Cod Mini Golf

Mini golf can be a great way to spend a day in Cape Cod, and there are some excellent courses to choose from. The Cape Cod Mini Golf & Batting Cages in East Falmouth takes the scenic route to some challenging golf, offering views of the nearby cranberry bogs. Meanwhile, Putters Paradise in Mashpee features 19 grassy, tree-lined holes with a mix of easy, moderate, and challenging holes for everyone. Further south in Sandwich, Scargo Cafe Mini Golf takes golfers on a journey to the 1907 industrial age, with a mechanical bull, colorful sculptures, and a replica of a classic schooner.

If you want to up the ante, you can play the 18-hole Oldesoule Mini Golf Course in Yarmouth. Here, you’ll putt around a replica of the Mayflower, 40-foot lighthouse, and traditional Cape Cod cottage, while also getting some great views of Pleasant Bay. If you’re vacationing with little ones, look to Wee Tee Golf Family Fun Park in Dennis. This course requires more blocking than golfing, since the low-level obstacles and walls are appropriate for a variety of ages.

Best Mini Golf Courses on Cape Cod: Find the Best Cape Cod Mini Golf

Are you looking for the best mini golf courses on Cape Cod? You’ve come to the right place. Cape Cod is home to some of the best mini golf courses in the country. From the traditional putt-putt style to challenging courses with water hazards, here are some of the best mini golf courses on Cape Cod.

Piranha Putt

Piranha Putt is one of the most well-known mini golf courses on Cape Cod. The course is set up as an aquarium-themed putt-putt course with lights, waterfalls, and music. You’ll find 18-holes of mini golf, ranging from easy to challenging. Whether you’re a mini golf pro or a novice, there’s something for everyone.

Captain Hooks Miniature Golf

If you’re looking for a challenging mini golf course, then head to Captain Hooks. This 18-hole course is set in a beach-themed atmosphere with brightly-painted obstacles, a tiki hut, and a pirate ship. You’ll be sure to have a blast here.

Old Hill Mini Golf

Old Hill Mini Golf is a family-friendly mini golf course that’s sure to bring out the best of everyone’s mini golf skills. This course has some challenging holes as well as some laid-back ones. It’s a great place to take the family for an afternoon of fun.

Mulligan’s Mini Golf

Mulligan’s Mini Golf has been a Cape Cod favorite for years. This classic course has 18-holes of challenging fun. As you navigate through the course, you’ll come across water hazards, ramps, bridges, and much more. This course is sure to bring out the mini golf master in you.

Courses for Everyone

There are plenty of mini golf courses on Cape Cod, so no matter your skill level, there’s something for everyone. From the traditional, easy courses to the more challenging ones with water hazards and bridges, you’ll find it all on Cape Cod. So grab your clubs and get ready for a round of mini golf fun.

  • Piranha Putt
  • Captain Hooks Miniature Golf
  • Old Hill Mini Golf
  • Mulligan’s Mini Golf

Personal Experience

How long does mini golf usually take for 2 players?

I recently visited Cape Cod with my family and was excited to find that there was a fantastic mini golf course nearby. We chose the Mid-Cape Mini Golf, and it was an absolute pleasure to putt there. This 18-hole mini golf course was well-maintained, and their landscaping was remarkable with plenty of vibrant colors and detailed structures. The multiple structures, bridges, and hills gave each hole its own unique challenge, which made it even more exciting.

The hole designs themselves were quite creative; I particularly liked Hole 12 which had small steps and a gigantic windmill in the middle. Even better, the course had a lot of shade and plenty of seating options which added to the overall atmosphere. There were also a variety of refreshments available at fair prices.

But what really sealed the deal for us was the friendly staff. They were helpful and accommodating, and we felt taken care of throughout our entire visit. For anyone looking for the best mini golf on Cape Cod, I would highly recommend Mid-Cape Mini Golf.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does mini golf usually take for 2 players?

Mini golf usually takes around 15 to 20-minutes for two players. This time may vary depending on the size and difficulty of the course, but on average a round of nine-holes of mini golf can be completed in this time. There are also many mini golf courses that offer speed challenges or time limits for those looking for a faster playing experience.

How can I make mini golf more fun?

lutions- Grab good friends, small objects, and mini golf tools. Give everyone a unique challenge to achieve for each hole. Score points for most creative solutions. 2. Hole 3: Race for Hole-In-One- Run a friendly race and whoever gets a hole-in-one first, wins. 3. Hole 4: Putt-Off- Each team is given one putter and five golf balls. The team to get all five balls into the hole in the fastest time wins. 4. Hole 5: Closest Putt Challenge- Put 5 golf balls and take turns trying to select who gets the closest putt to the hole and wins. 5. Hole 6: Mini Putt-athon- Have a mini putt-athon by setting a certain number of shots, and whoever gets the most shots in that specific number of shots, wins. 6. Hole 7: Obstacle Course- Make mini obstacles around the hole and give each player the same amount of shots to complete it. The fastest person to complete the course, wins.

How many holes is a game at Puttshack?

A game at Puttshack consists of 9 holes. Puttshack’s indoor miniature golf course offers an exciting and challenging round of golf for all ages. There are multiple full-service restaurant options available for before and after the game, making it a great night out for any occasion.

What is the mini golf capital of the world?

The mini golf capital of the world is Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Located on the South Carolina coast, Myrtle Beach is home to over 100 golf courses and mini golf courses, giving it the well-deserved title, ‘Mini Golf Capital of the World.’ From family-friendly courses to more unique courses with challenging holes and breathtaking landscaping, Myrtle Beach is the premier destination for mini golfers from all over!

Why is mini golf so popular?

Reason mini golf remains popular is because it is a simple, fun game that people of all ages can play and bond over. It requires minimal equipment and is a great way to pass the time whether alone, with family or with friends. Mini golf gives players of all skill levels a chance to play, create friendly competition, and have fun.

Final Thoughts

From the beaches to the lighthouses, Cape Cod is a picturesque dream come true and a paradise for golfers. With its scenic coastal views, a number of mini golf courses dot the shoreline offering visitors and locals the opportunity to hit the links in a variety of environments. Whether you’re looking for family fun, traditional miniature links, a pirate-themed course, or something more adventurous, Cape Cod has plenty of options and the best mini golf courses around. With so many to choose from, it’s easy to find a spot where you can have a great time and work on your putting game all at the same time.