Alice’s Tea Cup Chapter II: Classic Modern Tea Room in NYC

Alice’s Tea Cup Chapter II is a delicious destination for afternoon tea, full of delights sure to surprise and delight. Enjoy a variety of sweet and savory treats, served in a whimsical tea-party setting, perfect for any occasion. Come experience Alice’s magical world and see why Alice’s Tea Cup Chapter II is the perfect place to enjoy a spot of tea!

Quick Summary


Alice’s Tea Cup Chapter II: Classic Modern Tea Room in NYC is a unique tea café that offers a large selection of tea and food. Located in the heart of New York City, Alice’s Tea Cup provides an oasis of deliciousness and comfort in an urban atmosphere. Their tea menu includes unique and exclusive flavors, such as White Chocolate & Raspberry black tea and Ginger Peach Oolong. Not only do they serve up special teas, but their food selection changes regularly and offers delectable sandwiches, scones, pastries, and desserts. Visitors will also enjoy the creative “Tea Fusions”–special teas crafted to excite the palate. In addition, Alice’s Tea Cup is the perfect place to enjoy afternoon tea accompanied by “tea sandwiches, scones and other whimsical delights.” Lastly, Alice’s Tea Cup offers a ‘Tea-mail’ gifting service allowing customers to send tea-tinis, custom teacup sets, and more to their family and friends. When it comes to tea, Alice’s Tea Cup is your one-stop shop.

Alice’s Tea Cup Chapter II: NYC Classic Modern Tea Room

Alice’s Tea Cup Chapter II is the second of three tea rooms in New York City, specializing in classic and modern tea room fare. Founded in 2003, this popular tea shop has become one of the favorites of New Yorkers, tourists, and tea connoisseurs alike.

Diverse Menu of High Quality Tea and Delicious Food

Alice’s Tea Cup Chapter II offers an exquisite menu of world-class teas, as well as high quality homemade fare such as salads, sandwiches, scones, pastries and more. With a focus on fresh, flavorful ingredients, everything at Alice’s is carefully chosen and prepared with love.

A Vibrant, Cozy and Inviting Atmosphere

Alice’s Tea Cup Chapter II is known for its cozy, inviting atmosphere. In addition to the beautiful decor, the staff is friendly and attentive, offering guests a one of a kind experience in a traditional tea house setting.

Experience Unique Special Events

Alice’s Tea Cup Chapter II also hosts a number of fun and unique events including tea tastings and educational seminars. Whether you’re looking for a fun night out or a special afternoon treat, Alice’s is the perfect destination for a truly memorable occasion.

Enjoy Delicious Tea, Food and More at Alice’s Tea Cup Chapter II

If you’re looking for a great tea room experience, Alice’s Tea Cup Chapter II is the perfect place. With its cozy atmosphere, diverse menu, and unique events, it’s the perfect spot for tea lovers, New Yorkers and tourists alike.

  • World Class Tea and High Quality Fare
  • Cozy and Inviting Atmosphere
  • Unique Events and Activities

Personal Experience

Is Alice

I recently had the chance to visit Alice’s Tea Cup Chapter II, a popular NYC tea house located on the Upper West Side. From the moment I stepped inside, I knew that this was not a typical tea house. The unique décor of the place—an eclectic mix of Alice in Wonderland themed prints, antique furniture, and cozy, overstuffed chairs—truly created an enchanting atmosphere that immediately put me at ease. The menu offered a wide range of delectable eats, ranging from finger sandwiches to scones and salads. Although I had some difficulty deciding between the eight different kinds of tea, I ultimately chose a fragrant Jasmine Earl Grey—it truly was the perfect accompaniment to the tea-party-worthy spread.

The friendly staff welcomed us warmly and made sure to top up our teacups at frequent intervals. Conversation flowed easily and I finished my visit feeling full and relaxed. I can honestly say that Alice’s Tea Cup Chapter II is a great place for tea and snacks, but also for a truly unique experience— I can’t wait to return for more!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Alice’s Tea Cup closing?

Yes, Alice’s Tea Cup is closing indefinitely. The beloved local restaurant decided to shut its doors due to the colder temperatures and lack of federal assistance. Guests are encouraged to follow their social media accounts for updates on their future re-opening.

Does Alice’s Tea Cup have outdoor seating?

No, Alice’s Tea Cup does not have outdoor seating. The Outdoor Cafe offers outdoor seating with heaters and fans for whatever weather you are in. Enjoy drinks, food and other refreshments by celebrating with family and friends at Outdoor Cafe.

What is Alices tea cup?

Alice’s Tea Cup is a whimsical tea house located in New York City. Founded in 2001 by sisters Haley and Lauren Fox, Alice’s Tea Cup provides an unparalleled and unique tea-sipping experience. With its cozy atmosphere, fun teacup designs, and a wide range of specialty teas, Alice’s Tea Cup is a must-visit destination for tea enthusiasts.

How much is a cup of tea in NYC?

In New York City, a cup of tea typically costs between $2.00 and $5.00. Prices may vary depending on the type of tea purchased and the location. Additionally, some cafes and restaurants may charge a premimum for specialty teas.

Final Thoughts

Alice’s Tea Cup Chapter II: Classic Modern Tea Room in NYC offers delightful tea time experiences. With a range of classic and creative tea recipes, an inviting atmosphere, and friendly service, Alice’s Tea Cup is an excellent destination for anyone looking for an enjoyable and restful afternoon tea. Plus, they offer a variety of delicious food items, such as scones, sandwiches, and cakes. Whether you’re looking for a place to relax and unwind, host a special event, or find the perfect gift, Alice’s Tea Cup is a wonderful place to explore.